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Water saving ideas

As water bills become more of a concern, installers are increasingly being asked to look for new ways to save money. Savvy households and businesses are also much more conscious of the environmental impacts of their usage. 

Here at Bristan, we’ve some brilliantly engineered water-saving solutions that are both good for your customer’s wallet and good for the environment.

The average household of two people uses a staggering 349 litres of water each day. With our brilliant solutions, that represents to us a lot of opportunities to save people money, and there are some brilliant products out there, but before looking at particular solutions, we recommend thinking about flow limiters. 

Living life at the limit

Our eco range is fitted with flow limiters. The way a flow limiter works is very simple: they reduce the water flow going from the pipework into the product or out of the product. Flow limiters are usually circular pieces of plastic with serrated holes within them. The water comes from an open bore piece of pipework and then is slowed down by the reduction in the size of space the water can travel through. The average flow limiter can save up to 50% of water in taps and showers!

Timing is everything

Eco-friendly and practical and stylish, if you are looking for a timed flow tap that helps save water we recommend the Soft Touch Pillar Basin Tap, which comes with a flow regulator. The average run time for these taps is15 seconds. By pressing the handle and releasing it, the water will run only until the valve slowly shuts off. These taps are generally used in commercial environments such as public toilets, hospitals and schools. 

Infrared taps to limit consumption

Another brilliant product for commercial environments is infrared taps, which send out an infrared LED beam (invisible to the human eye). Once something interrupts this infrared beam – like a hand – the infrared light is bounced back to a receiver in the tap which then switches a valve, to allow water to flow. Once the hand moves away, the valve will automatically switch off to save water. Infrared taps use either battery or mains and so can be used for any washroom. This non-touch control also supports infection control measures. 

Instant heat 

Did you know that a survey by the Energy Saving Trust found that 67% of people in the UK admit to overfilling their kettle each time they use it, while across the UK, more than nine in ten people boil a kettle every day? 

Compare this with a boiling water tap, and you can save around 100 litres of water a year. A superior product for the home is the Rapid 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap - brilliantly stylish and practical. Hot, cold, filtered and boiling water – the Rapid 4-in-1 is perfect for the multi-tasker, and with its high quality, sleek design, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen. Clever features include touch sensor controls for filtered water and a safety touch and hold sensor for boiling water to ensure you can’t accidentally dispense the boiling water. 

Quality counts

We know how important customer satisfaction is and can help avoid the cost of leaky taps and showers. Our showers are tested to the equivalent of 130 years and our taps are tested to 200,000 cycles to ensure endurance in our UKAS accredited testing facility. With rock-solid guarantees, ranging from 5 to 10 years* – they can take everything life can throw at them.

Want to learn more?

Water efficiency is a matter of growing importance. Maria Howley, Bristan’s Technical Product Trainer, will be sharing some of our insights and products on the Plumb App UK Live Lounge web stream on Tuesday 3rd May at 7pm.

She will be able to give you the inside track on some of the best home and commercial products on the market – from popular top sellers to designer options.

There will also be time for a Q&A session with Maria, plus we will be giving away goodie bags to all who ask valid questions and a chance to win 1 of 3 Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer Taps!

Make sure you tune in via Plumb App UK or Gas App UK.

*Exclusions apply. Click here for more information about our guarantees.