Essentials out now!Bristan Essentials offers great value taps and showers, made brilliant.

Tapping into innovation with Bristan

We put innovation at the heart of what we do, and our expert team of product designers and engineers create intelligent, uncomplicated solutions that always deliver. From speeding up installation to improving the user experience, we bring you everyday brilliance with every single Bristan product.

Here’s a quick look at some of our most innovative products:

Wallmount 12

Change the way you install bar valves for good with the Wallmount 12. This unique fitting system features two front-facing valves for easy installation, allowing you to isolate the water with the turn of two grub screws – rather than switching it off at the mains.

What’s more, the isolation valves allow for an easy connection to the pipework, as well as being ideal for new build installations, where it’s easier to connect the water supply at first fix and install the shower at a second fix.

And there’s a number of sleek designs to choose from, including our brand-new Buzz and Craze bar showers.

Wave Digital Showers

Wake up brilliantly everyday with our Wave Digital Showers. Intelligent design and digital technology work together to create this customisable shower with pre-heat, pause and memory settings.

The smart user interface allows you to choose your shower preferences and intelligent thermostatic technology accurately maintains the temperature and stabilises the flow rate. The Wave also has innovative memory settings, allowing multiple users to store their preferences.

For an extra bit of functionality, you can pause your shower when shampooing or soaping, and the shower then seamlessly re-introduces your chosen shower settings at the tap of the touchscreen.

Concealed shower valves

We know some bathrooms and en-suites don’t have much room to work with, so we developed our range of concealed showers (also known as recessed showers) that can fit easily into smaller spaces.

With a fitting depth of between 60mm and 75mm, all that’s installed on the shower wall is a compact dual control panel to adjust water flow and temperature – no visible valve or pipework!

Our sleek designs, such as the 1901 and Hourglass, help to create a clean, uncluttered look in your bathroom, making these showers a stylish, yet functional solution.

Easyfit taps

Fitting kitchen taps has never been easier with our Easyfit system. Thanks to our smart, patented technology, our Easyfit taps can be installed in three simple steps – simply fit the base, fit the tails and then fit the tap body.

The innovation doesn’t stop there – we’ve made it future proof too. Designed with two isolation valves, Easyfit taps can be changed without having to turn the water off at the mains.

Infrared taps

We know just how important infection control is in today’s world, so we offer a range of infrared sensor taps for the ultimate non-touch handwashing solution.

Using innovative sensing technology, the tap sends out an infrared LED beam that, when interrupted by a hand, triggers a flow of water. Once the hand moves away, the tap will automatically switch off.

Innovative in function and styling, our infrared taps come in a variety of designs and finishes to suit either a home, commercial or healthcare setting.

To discover more of our brilliant tap and shower ranges, download our brochures.