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  • Bristan’s well-established Easyfit range has been developed to take the backache out of kitchen tap installations.

Featuring innovative Top Fix technology, the extensive range of kitchen taps offers a host of traditional and contemporary designs and finishes.  All can be easily installed in a matter of minutes. 

All Easyfit products are supplied with everything you need in the box including an allen key, isolation valves, Easyfit base,
Easyfit tool and flexi tails. 

They also feature ceramic cartridges for added durability and smooth operation, and metal fixings for longevity. 


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Easyfit Q&A

1. How do you fit an Easyfit kitchen tap?

Fit the base
Fit the tails
Fit the body
Everything all in one box

The UK's best top fix - Your words not ours


2. What testing do you carry out on an Easyfit tap?

Quality control plays a key role in our commitment to market leading product innovation.  

Full testing of all Bristan products, designs and concepts are carried out to the highest level. 

Our UKAS accredited on-site facility, in partnership with our parent company, Masco’s state of the art test lab, performs long-life testing and creates high pressure trials to ensure all products meet the highest safety and quality requirements.   

Our latest Easyfit tap test results are as follows:

• External testing by WRAS via the NSF testing house, 5 bar to 20 bar pulse with 30 cycles per minute for 100,000 cycles

• In-house variable pressure tested from 16 to 25 bar and back over 24 hours

• Fixing strength test by Masco up to 800lb force (3500Nm) without any issues – the sink deformed instead

• 280,000 endurance and usage cycle testing showed no movement in the grub screw connection

In every instance, without exception, it is our company’s mission to deliver customer’s satisfaction. That is why, every product comes with our no-nonsense guarantee for complete peace of mind. 

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