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Concealed showers

Concealed showers are ideal for bathrooms and en-suites where space is limited. They are also used to create a clean, uncluttered look, as the valve and pipework can all be hidden within a standard 35mm cavity wall.

Also known as recessed showers, concealed showers have a fitting depth of between 60mm and 75mm - including plasterboard and tiles - and all that is installed on the shower wall is a compact dual control panel to adjust water flow and temperature.

These types of showers can be supplied with a choice of accessories including a drench shower head with wall bracket and/or a handset with fixed riser or wall holder.

Available with a five-year guarantee, Bristan’s showers in the wall come in a variety of styles to suit every application, from the traditional crosshead and lever options of the 1901 and Renaissance ranges to the modern lines of the Hourglass and Sail designs.

The products all come with a shower fixing kit to make them quick and easy to fit too.


Prism recessed shower
Bar showers
Digital showers
Bristan concealed shower dimensions

Installing concealed showers

Our concealed showers are designed and engineered with installation in mind.

With only a 35mm cavity required for the valve (the full fitting depth is between 60mm and 75mm including plasterboard and tiles), they can fit into some of the smallest shower spaces in UK homes.


Specifying concealed showers

If you are looking for a stylish showering product that takes up very little room within the shower area and can fit within a small wall cavity, then our concealed showers could be perfect for your project.

Featuring thermostatic controls for safety, and matching bathrooms taps to complete the look, you can get great style and meet the requirements of you specification.


Concealed showers

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Where is it best to fit a recessed shower?

Recessed showers are perfect for installations where space is at a premium or where the customer wants to keep the shower area clear and uncluttered by pipework. If it’s not possible to fit a concealed shower, a mini valve could be a good alternative as these are also very compact and great for small spaces.

Can concealed showers be more difficult to service and maintain?

Once the shower valve has been installed in the cavity wall, the valve filters and the thermostatic cartridge are accessible from the front so rear access isn’t required for servicing and maintenance. So, a recessed shower is actually just as easy to service as any other shower product.

Are recessed showers suitable for family homes?

Yes. Bristan’s recessed showers are all fitted with thermostatic mixing valves to reduce the risk of scalding, ensuring they are safe for the whole family to use. Some of these thermostatic mixer showers also come with lever controls which are easy to operate – even for the very young or old, and those with limited dexterity in their hands.

Which systems do concealed showers perform best on?

A concealed shower can be used on any plumbing system but work at their best on a balanced system with a working pressure of 0.2 to 5 bar.