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Not all Heroes Wear Capes! 3 super products from Bristan, to help plumbers save the day

Plumbers across the nation are protecting pipes from troublesome limescale, bad blockages and saving customers from plumbing disasters.

But no superhero is complete without a few gadgets up their sleeve to truly defeat evil. Fear not, Bristan’s got your back! With a wide range of innovative, easy to install products you’ll be able to banish tricky taps and still get home in time for tea.

‘The Time Saver’ – Easyfit taps

Feel like The Flash and get from one job to the next faster with Bristan’s Easyfit kitchen taps. Installing one of our innovative kitchen taps is super speedy thanks to our patented Easyfit system, saving busy installers precious time and boosting productivity.

Simply fit the Easyfit tap base at the top of the sink, connect the tails, then secure the tap body onto the base to finish. Combined with a Bristan kitchen sink, which is pre-installed with our Easyfit base, and comes with flexible tails and a choice of Easyfit taps, installing a new tap has never been simpler.

And it’s future proof too. Designed with two isolation valves, Easyfit taps can be changed without having to turn the water off at the mains. This fuss-free, reliable product will help installers to do more in less time. Super!

A Bristan Chocolate Easyfit Kitchen Tap  A Bristan Amaretto Easyfit Kitchen Tap

‘The Isolator’ – Wallmount 12

A real showstopper of a product to help demonstrate some impressive plumbing skills, our Wallmount 12 fixing kit makes removing and replacing a bar shower quick and easy. The Wallmount 12 allows installers to easily isolate the water supply on the wall with just the turn of a screw, making it ideal for retrofit, maintenance or an easy upgrade.

Controlling the water flow like a pro, the Wallmount 12 features an innovative rubber seal that reduces the risk of water ingress back into the cavity and negates the potential for any dastardly water damage during installation. Job done!


‘The Multitasker’ – Rapid 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap

Saving customers from hazardous trailing wires and cluttered work surfaces, the Bristan Rapid 4 in 1 boiling water tap is a true saviour of the kitchen. Your customers will enjoy hot, cold, boiling and cold filtered water from a single unit on your recommendation of this ultimate multitasking tap.

The Rapid 4 in 1 boiling water tap has undergone extensive lifecycle testing, meaning you can be certain you’re choosing a quality product that’s not only made to last but also quick and easy to install. Plus, the accompanying tank is compact enough to fit underneath most kitchen worktops, removing the need to make any alterations to the existing pipework.

Like any good superhero, we know that installers prioritise safety for their customers. That’s why our Rapid 4 in 1 boiling water tap offers clever features including touch sensor controls for cold filtered water and a safety touch and hold sensor for boiling water.

Boiling Water Taps - Making Tea

We believe any installer can become an everyday hero with a few smart products, backed up by easy installation and quality guarantees. It’s time to step forth plumbers and finish that job with pride!

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