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How commercial work can help installers to diversify their income stream and keep jobs flowing.

At a time when the economic future of the UK is uncertain, installers who diversify their income stream with a mix of domestic plumbing jobs and light commercial work, could help to future proof their business.

A different set of skills?

Essentially, domestic and commercial jobs involve the same skills. They both use the same materials and fulfil the same basic function.
However, the biggest difference is the scale of the job. Commercial plumbing jobs involve environments that cater for lots of people, such as public washrooms.

There will also often be multiple floors and complex plumbing systems. Trade bodies such as the Chartered Institute for Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE) should be able to provide advice and guidance around specific training or qualifications required for commercial plumbing work.

Commercial products

Installers contracted for commercial work will find that their client must adhere to stringent budgets. Facilities managers need reliable products that balance compliance and safety with cost and efficiency.

At Bristan we support installers taking on light commercial work by offering a wide range of commercial products, suitable for healthcare, education environments and washrooms. Our HTM64 compliant range has been designed to offer exceptional levels of safety and performance, with every product covered by quality testing and guarantee. These products are also simple to service with a patented system for quicker, easier thermal flushing and a one-step isolation and filter removal. This means no special tools or equipment are required.

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Our commercial and domestic products are made from high quality materials, designed to last, and endure rigorous testing in our in-house test lab. With the option to replace parts or retrofit a new product, we can support installers to work within budgets, while also ensuring the safety of users.

Maintaining a healthy workflow

Installers may feel pressured to undercut the cost of their services to compete, but this is a risky tactic. Rather than relying on low cost services to secure jobs, adding an additional revenue stream can in fact help installers to maintain a steady workflow and maximise potential income.
Light commercial work, such as installing utilities in office blocks or public sector buildings, will often involve long-term contracts. It is these ongoing relationships that will help plumbers to fortify their revenue stream and gain a greater sense of job security.

Keep it interesting

Diversifying the work mix not only enables plumbers to maximise job opportunities but also keeps boredom at bay. A variety of jobs and new challenges means that installers are less likely to feel fatigued by the same type of work or environment. Commercial work can help installers to build new sets of skills and open doors to other markets, keeping work life interesting and profitable.

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