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Simple water saving solutions

Minimising water usage in the home will not only have a positive impact on the environment; it will reduce the household’s overall monthly water bill too.

At Bristan, we’ve developed a range of water-saving solutions, brilliantly engineered to make water conservation effortless for our customers – whether they’re a homeowner, installer or specifier.

Flow regulators save waterCheck out our top products for helping to save water and money in homes:

1. Flow regulators

A simple way to begin saving water in the home is to opt for a tap with an in-built flow regulator.

With a flow regulator you’re able to reduce water flow to as little as 3.5 litres per minute, providing an aerated flow that increases water efficiency with the difference in the tap’s performance being barely noticeable. 

We have a range of basin mixer taps that are eco-friendly, such as our Prism and Jute to boost water efficiency, making this a brilliant option for those looking to reduce their water use.

Infrared sensor tap 2. Infrared Taps

If a tap is left running, this is a sure-fire way to waste water. This can be hard to avoid in a home with small children; however, Bristan has innovative solutions that can help prevent water being wasted in this way. 

Often viewed as solely an infection control solution, infrared taps can contribute to water saving too. Our range of infrared taps all feature an automatic shut off feature, 

meaning that once the sensing technology recognises that a hand is no longer there, it will turn off and prevent the tap from continuing to dispense water. 

3. Water-saving shower accessories

The right shower accessory can contribute to water saving too. The shower head is the last point of exit for the water, so its functionality should be in prime condition.

Opting for shower heads that have multiple modes to give the option of water economy or full flow allows the user to take control of how much water they use.

On those days where a quick in-and-out shower will do the trick, economy mode will be a brilliant option. But when spending a little longer in the shower and a proper drench is needed, go for full flow.

Ensuring that the showerhead itself is free from limescale, especially in hard water areas, can improve water efficiency as limescale can increase energy usage.

A rub-clean handset is the best solution for reducing limescale build up and avoid unnecessary replacements. You can view the full range of our handsets here.

In addition, all our products are listed on the Unified Water Label (UWL) label. This label sets the standard for water-efficient products across Europe. 

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