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Simple water saving solutions

Minimising water usage in the home will not only have a positive impact on the environment; it will reduce your overall monthly water bill too.

At Bristan, we’ve developed a range of water-saving solutions, brilliantly engineered to make water conservation effortless for our customers.

Flow regulators save waterCheck out our top products for helping you save water and money in your home:

1. Flow regulators

A simple way to save water in the home is to opt for a flow regulator, which can easily be added onto many of our taps and showers.

Most standard showers distribute a shower flow rate of 13.5 litres/ minute, but with a flow regulator, your shower will only distribute water at a rate of 10 litres/ minute - and the difference in the shower performance is barely noticeable.

Additionally, our 1901 Thermostatic Shower comes with factory fitted flow regulators to boost water efficiency, making this an ‘eco’ showering option. 

The Quadrato Bar Shower2. Thermostatic technology

All of our bar showers incorporate intelligent thermostatic technology, offering a simple solution to water saving with other added benefits.

Thermostatic technology works by mixing the hot and cold water supplies together, creating a safe, desirable temperature before it reaches the shower head.

This prevents cold starts, which are often the cause of water wastage as users let the shower run for a few minutes before actually getting in.

Engineered for sustainability, our electric showers also feature TMV2 technology, giving you hot water instantly.

Our brilliant selection of electric showers, including Smile and Glee, look great and also heat water through an integral heater only when it is needed by the user – reducing energy expenses as well as water costs.

3. Water-saving shower accessories

The right shower accessory can contribute to water saving too. Your showerhead is the last point of exit for the water, so its functionality should be in prime condition.

Opting for showerheads that have multiple modes to give you the option of water economy or full flow will allow you to take control of how much water you use.

On those days where a quick in-and-out shower will do the trick, economy mode will be a brilliant option. But when you want to spend a little longer in the shower and a proper drench is needed, go for full flow.

Ensuring that the showerhead itself is free from limescale, especially in hard water areas, can improve water efficiency as limescale can increase energy usage.

A rub-clean handset is the best solution for reducing limescale build up and avoid unnecessary replacements. You can view the full range of our handsets here.

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