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Specifying Safer Showers with Bristan

Showering – what better way to start the day! Housebuilders and consumers looking for a safe shower option can rest assured our range features the very latest thermostatic technology.

Customer inspired, family safe technology

Water temperatures that exceed 44°C in the shower can significantly increase the risk of scalding – a risk more likely to occur in showers without a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV).

Thermostatic bar showers, such as our easy-to-fit Zing, Quadrato and Prism, mix the hot and cold water supply together, to create a safer, more desirable temperature before it reaches the shower head.
Bar Showers Made Brilliant
TMV technology also reduces any unexpected spikes in temperature and will cut off the water flow if the cold-water supply runs out to prevent the risk of scalding. This results in a smoother and safer showering experience for the customer.

For added peace of mind, our range include models with intelligent Safe Touch engineering, where the hot feed is encapsulated by the cold to ensure the bar valve is safe to touch.

Customers looking to discover our full range of thermostatic bar showers, click here.

Easy-to-fit thermostatic showers

With our unique Wallmount 12 technology, it is brilliantly simple to install, maintain and replace thermostatic bar showers.

The clever fixing device, which won a Housebuilder award in 2018, features two front-facing valves for easy installation, allowing plumbers to isolate the water with the turn of two grub screws. It saves having to switch it off at the mains.

The isolation valves also allow for an easy connection to the pipework making them ideal for new build installations, where installers may wish to connect water supply at first fix and install the shower at a second fix.

Available in a selection of our showers such as the Carre, Quadrato and the Artisan, the Wallmount 12 fixing kit makes shower installation smoother, quicker and easier.

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Craze Bar ShowerShowers for specifiers

For every type of specification, we offer a wide selection of thermostatic showers to ensure the safety of the users. As a specifier, the responsibility of fulfilling Part G of the UK Building Regulations on anti-scalding is the highest compliance consideration. All our thermostatic mixing valves meet BuildCert regulations, both fully certified with TMV2 and TMV3 safety levels.

What is more, our WRAS approval means you can be confident that your specifications are fully compliant with building regulations and bylaws.

Our Joy Care Thermostatic Electric Shower is BEAB Care and RNIB endorsed to protect those with disabilities, as well as young and elderly dependents. It’s perfect for ultimate user safety with a no-nonsense guarantee.

Professionals specifying for housebuilders can choose from designs to suit all styles and budgets, including our refreshed Bristan Craze Bar Shower, pictured here.

We can guarantee you’ll be able to find a safe shower to suit your project needs and budget with Bristan. See our specifier brochure for further information.