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Why bar showers are a brilliant choice for your bathroom

If there’s one shower that does the job, it’s the thermostatic bar shower. Performance, safety and convenience are all packed into one compact bar to create a shower that’s unrivalled in both function and form. Whether you’re renovating your home or fitting out a new build property, bar shower valves offer a whole host of benefits.

Thinking of investing in a bar shower soon? We’re here to tell you all the reasons bar showers are a brilliant choice for your bathroom.

Easy installation 

Bar mixer showers don’t require recessing within the wall which means they’re quick and simple to install. Our award-winning Wallmount 12 mounting kit features flexible inlets with built-in isolation for easy connection to existing pipework.

The bar shower itself doesn’t have to be fitted until later in the build process, protecting it from potential damage. When you’re ready, all you need to do is attach the bar valve to the two connectors and give them a good, old tighten!

Replacement and maintenance

The Wallmount12 fixing kit also makes maintenance a breeze as it allows for off the wall servicing if required. What’s more, you can isolate the water supply from the front of the wall for quick and easy replacement of the bar valve, meaning you can upgrade to a new bar shower in the Bristan range whenever you like. This also makes it perfect for retrofit projects.

Zing Safe Touch showerFamily safety

Thermostatic bar showers are a type of mixer valve, meaning the hot and cold water supply are mixed together to create a safe, desirable temperature before it reaches the shower head. 

Our bar mixer showers also incorporate intelligent thermostatic technology that regulates the temperature to prevent any sudden spikes and stops the water flow completely if the cold water supply fails. This eliminates the risk of scalding for a safer showering experience every time.

For extra peace of mind, our Zing bar shower (pictured here) has unique ‘Safe Touch’ technology. This enables a cold water feed to be constantly surrounding the hot water, so that the bar valve is always cool to the touch.

User experience

Bar showers offer a brilliant showering experience, delivering on performance every time. Our thermostatic shower technology means that your chosen temperature will be constantly maintained throughout the duration of the shower.

The bar valve itself has dual controls, making it easy and hassle-free to adjust the temperature and flow to your ideal setting. Some bar mixer showers in our range – such as the Vertico – also have a drenching shower head for a truly invigorating shower.

A wealth of choice

Not only does the bar valve itself look slimline and compact, but Bristan offers a range of stylish bar mixer showers to match every bathroom décor. Choose from the classic styles of the Artisan or Prism, to the modern angular lines of the Carre or Claret. Many of our bar showers – such as the Quadrato – also have matching taps to create a cohesive bathroom design.

Find out  more about our range of brilliant bar showers.

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