Bar showers made brilliant

Bar showers have been a part of bathrooms for years and it’s easy to see why. This type of shower is compact, versatile and easy to access maintenance as it sits on top of tiles.

So whether it’s a more basic budget-friendly option with a stylish minimal shower kit, or the works with a riser rail and fixed head for an invigorating drench, there’s an option to suit you and your customer’s needs.

There’s a whole host of styles to choose from, including the easy to use Design Utility Lever, attractively angular Vertico, or the ever-popular Artisan.

And, for families, there’s also the option of Safe Touch technology on our ZingFrenzy, and Prism bar showers.


Zing Safe Touch shower
Safer showers from Bristan
Concealed showers
Digital showers
Artisan Bar Shower

Installing brilliant bar showers

Our showers are designed with a brilliantly easy fit in mind.

Our Wallmount 12 fixing solution gives installers like you a quick and way to isolate the water supply at the wall.

And it means that, if you want to, you can install the Wallmount 12 on first fix then add the bar shower itself on second fix. This is great if you're doing a whole bathroom and you want to protect the bar shower while other work is going on.


Specifying brilliant bar showers

If you're specifying a bar shower then choose a Bristan bar shower for a brilliant experience.

Our bar showers for specification include the peerless Opac that features the Wallmount 12 on both the standard and easy to use lever options. And they have both TMV2 and TMV3 certification so you can rest assured that these are safe for hospitals, care homes, gyms, and a whole host of high-traffic washroom spaces.

To find out more about these powerhouse products, and a whole lot more that can help you build a brilliant specification, just get in touch.


OPAC bar shower

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