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The Benefits of Bar Showers

Bar showers are a bathroom classic. The easy to install design guarantees a brilliant showering experience, every time. 
Bristan Carre Shower
To help you choose the perfect product for you, here’s our guide to bar showers: 

The perfect temperature every time

Bristan thermostatic mixer bar showers blend both hot and cold-water feeds together to create the desired water temperature. Ensuring a regular safe temperature, even when taps are turned on or if toilets are flushed. 

Choose from a wide range of styles and colours to suit all bathrooms such as the Carre (pictured here). The Carre Bar Shower has been designed to blend well with almost any bathroom, with adjustable height ridged riser, sleek chrome showerheads and unique tactile handles. 

Frenzy ShowerSafe touch

Brilliantly engineered for peace of mind, our intelligent Safe Touch technology is cleverly designed to encase the hot water supply within the cold, in both the valve and shower body, meaning the bar is always cool to touch. Ideal for families, you can find this technology on our Zing, Frenzy and Prism showers range.

Easy install 

Trusted by the trade, our innovative Wallmount 12 fixing kit ensures installation is hassle-free. The customer inspired, award-winning technology features flexible inlets with built-in isolation, allowing for easy connection to existing pipework. 

The built-in isolator makes maintenance and servicing the valves easier and quicker by not having to go behind the walls to turn of the water or having to turn the water. The isolator can be accessed through a hole in the shroud, covered up by a button plug. The shroud fully encloses the wall mount, giving a simpler aesthetic, which is easier to clean. It comes with a filter to help to ensure the water is clean and free from debris. The rubber gasket on the wall plates makes sure that water won’t run down the back into the wall cavity. The wall plate has 4 screws to ensure extra stability when installing, at whatever angle you need to attach it to avoid the water pipes. And the small size means that you get all this in a package that doesn’t stand too far off the wall. 

For domestic installations, the pipework and Wall mount 12 can be installed before the decorating takes place, and then the shower valve can be fitted at the end. For larger scale builds with multiple showers in one building. All the wall mount 12s can be fitted first, allowing system Buzz Wallmount 12 showerpressure test to be done immediately, and then the shower valves can be fitted at a later date, allowing each one to be checked individually without worry of a flood elsewhere. 
Easy upgrades   

Looking for an easy upgrade? Or just switching up your design? The Wallmount 12 fixing kit makes upgrading a breeze.

The clever design allows you to isolate the water supply from the front of the wall, for quick and easy replacement of the bar valve.  

Choice of designs    

We have a wide range of thermostatic mixer showers to suit your style, no matter your bathroom décor. A popular choice with its modern simplicity and curved design is Buzz, offering the perfect combination of a height adjustable fixed head and multi-function handset practicality. 

Craze lifestlye

For an equally stylish option, the Craze  bar shower, with a soft-angular design, offers  
a brilliant combination of a large, fixed head and rub-clean multi-function handset.