What's new at BristanNew designs and new finishes available now

Introducing the new and improved Buzz and Craze bar showers

At Bristan, we want to bring you everyday brilliance with every single product. That’s why we’ve given two of our bar showers an exciting upgrade. Say hello to Buzz and Craze — the two newly updated models with enhanced functionality and refreshed designs.

Take a look at what our expert product design team and engineers have been working on…

Craze Bar ShowerEasy installation

The newly updated Buzz and Craze showers complement our bar shower collection perfectly, whilst being packed with a host of brilliant new features, including the award-winning Wallmount 12, which is now included as standard with Buzz and Craze bar showers.

The innovative Wallmount 12 fixing kit has been cleverly engineered to enable front of wall isolation and to make maintenance a breeze, allowing for front of wall servicing – saving time and money.

Safety guaranteed

Buzz Bar ShowerWhat’s more, both the Buzz and Craze are thermostatic also feature our customer inspired Safe Touch technology, which shrouds the hot water feed inside the valve with a layer of cold water, to keep the bar itself safe to touch.

Enhanced user experience

Wider than the original designs, the new and improved Buzz and Craze shower heads feature dual outlets engineered to deliver maximum performance: a large, drenching rain head and a separate three-mode handset. They also boast an integrated two-way 180-degree diverter valve. This means users can rotate the flow control one way for the handset and the other way for the deluge head to create their perfect showering experience.

Built with lasting integrity, the new models are quality tested to 50,000 on/off cycles in our on-site UKAS accredited lab and the Buzz and Craze bar showers come complete with a 5-year guarantee.

Our Buzz and Craze bar showers are now available.