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Cold Weather Working

Winter is approaching and while we all hope for jobs in family homes with heated floors and well-lit bathrooms, it’s often the case that we’ll end up in the community church with a leaky roof and draft, or outside in the frost fixing a burst pipe. The job of an installer is an unpredictable one, and the change in weather is sure to throw us a curve ball. Here are a few of our top tips for working in winter. 

Keeping your tool kit fit

When working in winter, it is essential to take good care of your tools. With improper care you will find yourself painstakingly chipping away at hardened dirt and rust come springtime. So, to keep your tools in good condition make sure they are cleaned regularly and lubricated or sharpened if necessary. A good sturdy tool can make or break a project, so keeping them in good working order will make them last for years and halt any disruption to future jobs. 

Lifesaving accessories

Of course, it’s good practice to keep your tools in good condition and to prepare every component of the job ahead but expanding your kit in the winter to include a few select items could be a game changer. For instance, invest in a warm hat with built in headtorch to combat the cold and dark days ahead. Small portable handwarmers are also a worthy investment as well as both regular and fingerless gloves. An installer’s hands are their greatest tool, so look after them! 
Winter doesn’t just invite the cold and dark but also the wet. Rain or even snow can be a real challenge. Of course, waterproof clothes are recommended but a spare pair of socks in particular never goes amiss. Even without the challenge of rain, busted pipes and tricky plumbing jobs can be wet work, so pack extra socks, and you’ll thank us! 

Winter ready products  

Finally, we recommend refreshing your knowledge of the products that are sure to be in high demand during winter. Baths, for instance, skyrocket in popularity during the colder months so ensure you know which bath mixers to advise your customers on, Bristan offers a vast range to pick from such as the Aster bath and shower mixer or contemporary Blitz mixer.

Similarly, as the temperatures drop, customers begin to invest in radiators and heated towel rails as well as hot water kitchen taps such as Bristan’s Rapid 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap which saves constantly boiling the kettle.