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Five thermostatic showers to suit every bathroom

The brilliance of a thermostatic shower lies in their ability to mix hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature. They give a steady water temperature so that users are never at risk of scalding or sudden changes in temperature, even if a tap is turned on elsewhere in the building.

Acute Recessed Shower, BristanWe know that choosing the perfect shower can be tricky, but our wide range of thermostatic showers have been designed to cater to a variety of needs, tastes and budgets. And while each one offers a little something different, we’ve made sure that our thermostatic showers always strike the perfect balance between performance, safety and style.

To help you work out which thermostatic shower might suit you, we’ve picked out five showers each with their own unique features. 

1. Simple yet mighty

Sometimes a shower with high-functionality and no-fuss design fits the bill. Our Acute shower (shown here on the right) boasts a simple, round showerhead with an adjustable riser – but this shower is far from ordinary.

This classic shower features a drenching water flow, for the luxury of a spa without the high price tag.

The Quadrato Bar Shower
2. The ultimate indulgence

Whether you’re trying to create a spa-like haven at home or fitting out a high-spec hotel, the Artisan Shower Package can deliver the luxury that you want.

The perfect balance of performance and style, the Artisan’s statement shower head offers a waterfall-style flow for the ultimate showering experience.

3. A contemporary twist

A modern take on traditional showers, the Quadrato bar shower (shown here on the left) features a sharp, angular shower head that suits any contemporary bathroom.

Sitting as a staple in our bar shower range, the Quadrato is equipped with our Wallmount 12 fixing kit for easy installation, maintenance and replacement.

Bristan Zing Shower
4. Keeping it cool

The stylish Zing (shown here on the right) has all the power of a thermostatic shower but pushes the innovation one step further with its Safe Touch bar.

Unique technology enables a cold water feed to surround the hot water at all times, so the exterior of the shower valve is always cool to the touch. Peace of mind guaranteed!

An image of a Bristan OPAC Shower Valve

5. The pro protector 

The OPAC mini valve shower (shown on the left) offers the highest level of protection and features a handy chrome lever so users who may have decreased mobility can have easy control.

This tap is also TMV3 approved and compliant with BuildCert regulations, making it ideal for a care or health setting. To cater to different needs, the OPAC shower has other user controls, including a handwheel and other lever styles, and has concealed options.

To discover more of our thermostatic showers, please download our Showers and Taps brochure.