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Bristan how to mini shower valve maintenance

Showering perfection really does come in small packages – the Bristan mini-valve shower is perfect, whether you’re installing a shower in a confined space, retro-fitting on existing pipework, or want a straightforward product to maintain.

For the health of your shower, it’s important to regularly service cartridges in hard water areas every 12 months, so we’ve put together a quick and easy how-to guide below for maintaining the thermostatic cartridges, in your Bristan mini-valves.


To remove the cartridge, there’s a few initial steps to follow. First things first, make sure you turn off the water supply to the shower valve. Next, depending on the model of the mini-valve, you need to unscrew the indices before removing.

Then, using an adjustable spanner or a 30mm socket unscrew and remove the cartridge and set the spring, thermostat and piston to one side.

Mini valves cartridge maintanence cross head handle  Mini valves cartridge maintanence the shroud  Mini valves cartridge maintanence O ring

Mini valves cartridge maintanence temperature stop collar  Mini valves cartridge maintanence the C clip  Mini valves cartridge maintanence peg handle


Once you’ve removed the cartridge, if it’s heavily covered in limescale we suggest soaking it in a 50/50 solution of warm water and white vinegar for about four hours.

After you have soaked the cartridge, rinse it under running water. Then remove the seals and replace them with new ones. You can order new parts here



The next step is to re-assemble the mini valve. Before doing this, however, apply a WRAS compliant grease on the cartridge seals.

Next, you need to replace the spring, the thermostat, piston and the cartridge. Tighten the cartridge, before replacing the handle; c-clip; stop collar; O-ring; shroud and tighten the screw. Your final step is to replace the indices if required.

And all that’s left to say is – job’s done! Bristan’s dedicated to making your job easier, so the mini-valve showers are the perfect product for installing a shower in a confined space, retro-fitting on existing pipework. And it’s a straightforward product to maintain.

For a handy guide to maintaining your Bristan mini-valve thermostatic cartridge, check out this video!

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