What's new at BristanNew designs and new finishes available now

Our innovative new Wall Outlets have been engineered to make installation quicker and easier and designed to look stylish with any concealed shower.

And, you can choose from 10 stylish options, including 4 contemporary and 6 traditional designs.

New and improved Wall Outlets

Wall Outlets

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Wall outlet


When fitting an old-style Wall Outlet, installers needed to get their hand inside a wall cavity, push the outlet through and manoeuvre an adjustable spanner to secure the outlet in place.

With our new Wall Outlets, installers can secure the outlet from the front using the same innovative technology featured on our Wallmount 12 fixing kits. All that’s required is a 15mm inlet connection.

Because of the fantastic feedback our installers gave us, we challenged our team of Design Engineers to find a way to use this to improve a particularly fiddly part of concealed shower installation.

By redeveloping the back plate and retaining all the ease of use of the Wallmount 12 we now have 10 stylish new options to suit any concealed shower.


Our bigger and better range of Wall Outlets are available now to buy separately or as part of our stylish shower packs.

Choose from an outlet only option or a space-saving combined outlet and handset holder. Available in round and square contemporary options for a modern look, or as single holder or more traditional ‘cradle’ holder option for a stylish vintage look.

Once fitted, it’s simple to change to any of our other new outlets around your style and décor upgrades.


Wall outlets and handsets