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The iconic Belfry hotel and golf resort underwent a £25 million refurbishment to breathe new life into the internationally renowned venue. As part of the project, 300 of the hotel's bedrooms were fully updated with stunning new en-suite bathrooms, featuring a specially commissioned shower designed and manufactured by Bristan, named The Belfry, for the ultimate luxury bathing experience for the resort's exclusive clientele.

The Belfry Hotel


The specification for the new bathrooms was agreed but the shower chosen was not intuitive enough for the guests to use easily and didn’t deliver on aesthetics or performance.  This is when the Belfry project manager contacted Bristan about an alternative:

Solution Providers

The Belfry says: “We approached Bristan with a clear idea of the shower we wanted for the en-suite bathrooms – it needed to be easy to use, classically styled to match the décor of the hotel suite and able to offer guests a luxurious, bathing experience.  Bristan did not have a product in their range that met our needs exactly, so we talked about combining two products and they came back to us 24 hours later with their first concept of a bespoke product that met our brief to the letter.”

Innovation & Design

Using a combination of existing products, Bristan brought different elements together to design a new shower, named The Belfry.  Classically styled, The Belfry is a bar valve, exposed rigid riser shower featuring a Drench shower head.  It has a diverter so that guests can choose to shower with a handset if they prefer too. A few tweaks with Bristan’s in-house design team – including extra colour etchings to highlight hot and cold – created the exact product required for the hotel.  The Belfry were given a unique product from Bristan, yet it was still competitively priced.

Water Efficiency

Bristan also provided products for other areas of the resort.  In public areas, its Pulse 8 capacitate taps have been fitted – these feature the latest generation of non-touch technology for improved infection control and water efficiency.  Pulse 8 taps use the body’s own electrical pulses to detect presence, then switch on the water for a set amount of time to eliminate waste. They are also particularly robust and vandal resistant.   Bristan’s infra-red urinal controls are also specified for all public bathrooms.  The infra-red technology detects human contact and automatically flushes the individual urinal after use for substantial water savings.

In addition to water efficiency, Pulse 8 and urinal non-touch systems offer optimised hygiene.  Micro-organisms such as bacteria, are most commonly transported by hands so employing non-touch technology can help to significantly minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

One size does not fit all projects

On this project, Bristan were really able to demonstrate our customer centric approach to commercial specifications – it’s not simply one size fits all.  We showcased our design and manufacturing capabilities – coming up with an on point bespoke shower solution in just 24 hours – and also our excellent service, ensured the customer was left with a product that they, and their customers, can enjoy using.

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