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Small Bathroom Ideas

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a stylish, sophisticated makeover. By carefully planning your bathroom suite, including its placement and style, you can design a space that maximises its potential and gives you somewhere to relax and unwind.

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1. Downsize your sink

Incorporating a bath, shower, basin, and toilet into a bathroom - whilst leaving yourself enough room to manoeuvre - relies on finding the right configuration of fixtures. The basin is one item which can be downsized without any loss of style or convenience, particularly as there is now a great choice of smaller taps to suit. A corner or pedestal option works brilliantly if you’re struggling for room, as the open area below gives the impression of more space.

My personal favourite is a beautiful bowl sink on a floating vanity shelf, which is deep enough to be practical on storage, but small enough to be space saving. Pair this with a statement mixer tap to create a beautiful design feature that’s smart on space.

2. Expand your mirrors

The bathroom is always a busy room of the house, especially when two or more people need to use the space at the same time and you have a small bathroom. So, rather than squeezing two people in front of one mirror, save yourself the morning argument and opt for a stretch as well as a vanity mirror, to ensure as much of the space is usable as possible.

3. Separate the shower but keep it over the bath

In most small bathrooms (around 5ft long), having the shower above the bath is a common design. Even without a separate shower enclosure, you can still create a luxurious space to relax and rejuvenate in. For example, use a recessed shower with a large fountain head to create a spa style without sacrificing wall space.

Also, choose a glass panel across the bath rather than a shower curtain, as these can be installed on the edge of the bath, unlike a curtain which falls on the inside edge and takes up valuable elbow room. The light allowed by the glass will also increase the sense of spaciousness and well-being, adding to the spa aesthetic.

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From hectic family bathrooms to small en-suites, Chris Taylor, the design expert at Bristan, gives his top tips for making the most of your small bathroom space.

“If you have a small bathroom but grand ideas it’s often a real struggle to make everything fit and work together in the available space. Here, the key remains in a well-thought out interior concept which maximises each inch of disposable space, makes the most of natural and artificial light sources, and utilises clever hidden storage.

“Here are my three top tips for small bathrooms, so you can create the perfect petite bathroom that’s big on stand out features.”


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