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Meeting Future Homes Standard

July 2021

As a sustainable supplier, we not only meets the standards of today, but also for the future. From our brilliant bar showers to our water-efficient infrared taps, we’re always looking to provide our customers with future-proof solutions. 

With heating and powering buildings currently using 40% of the UK’s total energy, Future Homes Standard have released a set of standards paving the way for a greener future. 

This is critical for developers, architects and housebuilders to keep in mind when specifying for their next project as the demand for sustainable solutions is high — especially with the Government’s plan to make greenhouse emissions net-zero by 2050. As a sustainable supplier, Bristan Group not only meets the standards of today, but also for the future through its focus on creating brilliantly simple products that are water efficient.

Our Housebuilder Specialist Steph Wright, discusses how Bristan Group can provide future-proof solutions for specifiers to meet the required sustainability targets. 

Brilliant bar showers

We provide an award-winning bar shower range, including Carre, Zing and Frenzy. Built with lasting integrity, these products are perfect for meeting the increasingly environmentally conscious homeowners’ needs and reducing the industry’s high carbon footprint due to their water-saving features. Not to mention, all showers include thermostatic technology to meet the hot water safeguard requirements under Part G of The Building Regulations (2000), preventing water temperatures exceeding 48°C. 

Plus, the core range, including the newly refreshed Buzz and Craze, comes with our innovative Wallmount 12 technology as standard, featuring built-in isolation for quick and easy installation and maintenance. 

Water Saving basin mixers

Our water saving eco friendly basin mixer taps feature in-built flow regulators, reducing water flow to as little as 3.5 litres per minute increasing water efficiency, which is a current point of concern as stated by the Future Homes Standard. Ideal for new-build developments, the reduction in water flow also means that household bills will be lower for residents. In addition, because most businesses are now implementing a permanent, flexible working policy, leading to higher-than-normal energy use for those working from home, opting for cost-effective solutions is vital. 

Water-efficient infrared taps 

Infrared taps additionally reduces bills and environmental deficits due to their automatic shut off feature. This means that the tap is never left running, preventing water wastage and high-water metres. This is ideal for education and leisure builds where accidental running taps is common, ultimately helping the government with their plan to achieve net-zero emissions. 
Commitment to sustainability behind the scenes 

It is important that our eco-friendly approach is reflected in the way in which we operate as a business too, which is why we are equally dedicated to making sustainable choices behind the scenes. From recycling excess cardboard to investing in AquAid watercoolers and supporting those lacking fresh drinking water, Bristan Group is proud of its ongoing commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. 

We also make it a top priority to reuse all recycled materials, so that any waste is converted into functional products, such as non-specification building materials and animal bedding. That way, we can have complete confidence that sustainability flows through across all aspects of the business. 

Get in touch with our specification team today to find out more on how we can help you reach sustainable targets.