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May 2021

Bar showers are a reliable option for housebuilders when designing any bathroom, with performance, safety and convenience all packed into one small, compact bar.

Choosing the perfect bar shower for your specification

From stylish designs to innovative eco and safety features, Bristan has a range of bar showers to suit every project. However, with such a range to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the perfect product for your specification.

Take a look at our top considerations when specifying a bar shower…


Safety is an important factor in any bathroom specification, but different households can have varying levels of safety requirements. Bar showers, by default, are a type of thermostatic mixer valve, meaning the hot and cold water supply are mixed together to create a safe, desirable temperature before it reaches the shower head. This also regulates the temperature to prevent any sudden spikes – even if a tap is being used elsewhere in the house – creating a safer showering experience every time.

For added peace of mind, our Zing and Frenzy models are brilliantly engineered with intelligent Safe Touch technology, where the hot feed is encapsulated by the cold to ensure the bar valve is safe to touch.

Easy Installation

When picking the right shower for a specification – particularly for a high number – choosing products with easy installation is not only important during the house build, but also for offering house buyers a quick and easy service.

One of the many benefits of bar showers is that they don’t require recessing within the wall, making them quick and easy to install. Our bar shower range also features our award-winning Wallmount 12 fixing kit, ideal for new bathrooms where you may want to connect a water supply at first fix but install the shower at second fix, without interfering with tiling or sealing work, or risking damage to the shower unit.

The Wallmount 12 also allows plumbers to isolate the water supply from the front of the wall for quick and easy replacement of bar showers, making it a great choice for replacement too.

Complianceartisan shower

With our bar showers, housebuilding customers can rest assured that we’re staying up to date with the latest compliance.

Recently, Brexit impacted the rules and regulations of all products, meaning that professional specifiers now need to comply with the new UK standard. At Bristan, we’ve adapted to these new regulatory changes and we’re currently working with our suppliers and the relevant bodies to roll out the new UKCA marking across our specification products, including bar showers.

As well as this, when it comes to choosing water delivery products, certain hot water safeguards are required under Part G. This means all new build homes have to include devices fitted that limit the temperature of water to 48 degrees. The thermostatic technology included as standard in all our bar showers comply with Part G, making them an excellent and safe option for your specification.


A key consideration when choosing a bar showers for a new housing project is design. Our best-selling bar shower range has a wealth of choice, all boasting the slimline and compact look that make bar showers so popular. For classic styles, the Artisan or Prism are great options. Or for a more contemporary specification, our new and improved Buzz and Craze both offer clean lines and striking, drenching shower heads. Many of our bar showers – such as the Quadrato – also have matching taps to create a cohesive bathroom design.

carbon ready, netzero Sustainability

Finally, a key thing to take into consideration in your specification is sustainability, especially with the Government’s plan to make new homes meet the NetZero carbon targets by 2025. Coupled with this, homeowners are more conscious than ever about their environmental impact and how they can reduce it where possible. It’s vital to help the UK avoid serious deficits in its future water supply by considering water efficiency in any specification.

Many of our bar showers are designed to be eco-friendly with water saving built in, such as our Carre, Zing and Frenzy.

Made from high quality materials, our bar showers endure rigorous testing in our UKAS accredited in-house testing facility. Careful consideration at the design and development stages means our products offer excellent performance and long-life cycles.

(Image -Modular net zero carbon homes in Plumstead designed by Fuse Architects. Credit: Fuse Architect)

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