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Tell us a bit about your business

Our business (A M Steer Ltd) caters for domestic and commercial customers. We do a lot of work for the four schools in our town of Seaford and a church diocese, too – plus a few property companies.
How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started and why?

I’ve been in the industry for 42 years. I’m 57-years-old and left school to go straight into an apprenticeship.

Why plumbing?

I was never any good at academic work, so my godfather taught me to work with my hands. 

Most brilliant job?

I worked for a Lord and Lady on installing marble bathrooms, to upgrade their country residence.

Most embarrassing / funniest moment professionally? 

The most embarrassing was when I was an apprentice. I changed a washer in a tap, then couldn’t get any water out if it. When I looked underneath, I saw that it wasn’t connected to any pipework. I was 15 or 16 at the time, but I haven’t forgotten it.

What trends do you see dominating the industry in the near future? Any New Year predictions?

Definitely renewables for the New Year. If I was 30 years younger, I’d probably push rainwater harvesting a bit more – we did loads of that 30 years ago.

What would make your job easier?

Customers that listen!

What top three products do you always have in the van and why?

Bristan’s Frenzy shower, the complete range of Value Lever Basin Taps, and three or four Easyfit Kitchen Taps – Cinnamon, Cashew and Echo. They are good quality, good value and easy to install.
What type of customers keep you busiest?

The over-70s, plus churches.

What’s your favourite job and why?

Toilet exploration! Well, sorting out a non-working loo. It’s a very satisfying job, as customers are always very grateful.

On average how many taps do you fit in a week and showers in a month? 

Around 7-10 taps a week, and 6-10 showers a month.

How do Easyfit products, well, make your life easier?

We trialled these for Bristan years ago on staff houses. They’ve evolved so much and we love them. We stock at least four different styles too.

What’s your favourite in the Bristan range and why?

Artisan products, because they’ve been a flagship of Bristan for years.

Why Bristan over other brands?

Bristan are quality – but, apart from that, the reps are worth their weight in gold.