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Tell us a bit about your business and how long have you been in the industry? 
I started J D Griggs Plumbing in August 2020 as I believe that plumbing services should always be of high quality. I aim to provide more reliable and trusted services that customers value. I deliver high-quality services for the Deal, Kent community and the surrounding areas. I offer domestic plumbing services to a diverse range of customers. 

I believe a strong work ethic is vital and that is why I am hardworking and dedicated to providing a vast range of efficient and professional services. I want to provide efficient and traditional plumbing which creates a legacy for the future to ensure high-quality work is always carried out at an affordable price. I started plumbing when I was 18 and since then have gained 7 years of experience from complete heating systems to new bathroom installs. My passion developed and I want to build a name for myself and invest in my local community.

How did you get started and why? 
I started plumbing through an apprenticeship with a local company and my passion for plumbing derived from a taster session in school. I was interested in plumbing as I really wanted to learn how to bend copper pipework and install bathrooms, etc.

What type of customer’s keep you busiest? 
Landlords – they normally have many properties on the go that need attending to, but I’m always happy to help

What’s your favourite job and why? 
Installing a new bathroom – I enjoy seeing the transformation and the joy it brings to my customers

Most embarrassing/funniest moment professionally? 
A customer once accidentally gave me the wrong address and it wasn’t until I had my dust sheets laid down that the person who had let me in asked me why I was there! 

What tips would you give to anyone just starting in the industry? 
Always take care of your tools, protect the areas you are working around e.g. use dust sheets, wear knee pads when you’re working to protect your knees. 

What top three products do you always have in the van and why? 
Copper pipe – it’s my favourite material to use
Tap cartridge box – it’s really useful for repairing taps 
Two-port valve – they’re very handy to have in the van to fix heating systems quickly

What trends do you see dominating the industry in the near future? 
More smart controls for your heating systems and more instant hot water taps. 

What would make your job easier? 
To have more hours in the day! 

Most Brilliant job? 
I installed a new bathroom from start to finish. The bathroom contained awkward corners, but I managed to maximise the space and turn the bathroom into a masterpiece - they loved it!

How do easyfit products, well, make your life easier? 
When installing easyfit kitchen taps it’s so simple it can be done in minutes- it makes a flawless finish every time!