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Tell us a bit about your business
Plumb-Web – we’re based in Ailsworth, a village just on the outskirts of Peterborough. We cater for a wide range of customers and properties. Undertaking repair and maintenance work, alongside larger projects of complete bathroom and kitchen renovations. We’ll also take on projects that are unusual or have very unique requirements.

How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started and why?

I was made redundant from a role in IT in 2009, and decided I wanted a change in direction and so retrained, whilst retraining I decided, I wanted to have the autonomy of controlling my own destination in my world of work so decided to start a business of my own: Plumb-Web. Initially, the name was picked as I was debating about continuing to do both IT projects and plumbing, but after about six months it was clear by the volume of work I was better off concentrating on the plumbing work.

Why plumbing?

When I decided on a change of career I opted for plumbing as I’d recently renovated a house where I had undertaken some of the plumbing work and had enjoyed the experience, so it was a natural pathway.
What tips would you give to anyone just starting in the industry?
Work hard and take every opportunity to enhance product knowledge so you can best advise customers.

What top three products do you always have in the van and why?

Bristan Tap reviver kit
Bristan Frenzy bar mixer valve
Viva WC fill valve

These three products allow you to quickly and easily provide an easy fix to many common callout problems, carry these products on the van not only saves me time stopping the need to keep running to the merchant to pick up bits but also enables me to offer my customers the speed and efficiency to keep my customers up and running.

What type of customer’s keep you busiest?
I wouldn’t say I have one type of customer that keeps me busy, but as a company, we do not advertise for business as all work comes from word of mouth, recommendations or repeat customers. We frequently find that a customer will have you do a small job and due to the way we look after our customers when it comes to them requiring larger or other jobs they naturally come back to us, for us these are our best customers.
What’s your favourite job and why?
I don’t have a favourite as I enjoy the variety.

What trends do you see dominating the industry in the near future? 
Greater adoption of environmentally conscious products in the retrofit markets as consumers become savvier to benefits.

What would make your job easier? 
Standardisation across suppliers.

Most Brilliant job?
Would like to think that the last job that I left was my most brilliant job as for me every customer is my most important customer and the job I do for them is tailored to make it the most brilliant experience for them.

How do easyfit products, well, make your life easier?
Bristan easyfit offers the flexibility and quality that many other products don’t, particularly with the ability to fit the base unit makes it really cost-effective. A good example of this is replacing a tap behind a Butler/Belfast sink where access is very limited.

Why Bristan over brands? 
Quality, price, range of products, and they are a great British company with excellent support.

On average how many taps do you fit in a week?  
Average of approx. 10 sets a week

On average how many showers do you fit in a month?
Average of approx. 12 a month