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Tapping into the New Year Makeover Market

There’s no time quite like the start of a new year for taking stock, sprucing up and updating your home ready for the months ahead. For many houseproud homeowners this may even mean splashing out on renovating the kitchen or bathroom with a brand new look.
To make the most of this opportunity, installers should get to know the latest trends and have a back pocket full of style suggestions. Here, we offer advice on the products which will tick all the boxes for installers seeking to make the most of the new year makeover market: 

Innovation made easy

Starting with the kitchen, it’s important not to overlook the importance of the choice of tap. Get it right and it can have a transformative effect, adding an instant luxury feel to even the simplest setup.

For a quick, fuss-free upsell option, it doesn’t get much better than our Easyfit range. 

Unlike standard taps, the unique Easyfit design means that the tap base can be fitted first, allowing sealing and tiling to be completed easily while preventing any accidental damage to the tap body. The base is secured from the top using an Allen key – so the only job to do under the kitchen sink is connecting the water using the flexible tails included. The tap body simply fits onto the base in seconds at a later stage, perfect for any second-fix requirements.

With style at the forefront, the range incorporates a variety of models (including the pictured Lemon Easyfit tap) which combine a contemporary chrome finish and other striking profiles such as brushed nickel and gold to ensure broad appeal.

Style on tap


Next, there’s the bathroom taps to think about. And of course, Bristan has got a range of brilliant options designed to make an impact and reflect your customer’s personal style.

For the contemporary customer looking to make an impact, the Descent range (pictured) features a wide spout for a luxurious cascade effect, adding drama to any bathroom look. Another great shout is the European-inspired Alp tap, with its bold chunky form adding a modern feel.

Our traditional bathroom tap market is equally expansive, enabling your customers to recreate a period feel of their choice. This includes popular period designs, such as the Renaissance and 1901 ranges, which feature timeless details, while the Art Deco range is perfect for those looking to create a 1930’s vintage vibe.

Though not all bathrooms are built with a particular style in mind – some customers may choose to combine contemporary and classic, or want something different.

Rest assured whatever project you’re working on Bristan has your tap needs covered, with most ranges available as mixers for added flexibility.

Showers made safer

As showers have evolved to become more of a focal point for the bathroom, there’s now a greater choice of designs available to cater to every requirement.  

However, along with superb style it goes without saying it’s equally important to find a shower that protects the person using or touching it, especially if they are young or elderly.
At Bristan, we offer a wide range of stylish showers which combine sleek good looks with the added reassurance of thermostatic technology, temperature stops and our Safe Touch Technology for optimised safety.

Popular family-safe shower choices include the Carre bar shower, with its sleek, minimal styling designed to blend seamlessly into any bathroom design, while the Quadrato bar shower (pictured) features sharp, angular lines for a bold, modern look. 

Traditional tastes will be equally pleased with a range of classic styles including the 1901, while more budget-friendly options include the Frenzy bar shower.

Better still, all Bristan bar showers include the Wallmount 12 fixing kit that features flexible inlets with built-in isolation for easy connection to existing pipework without interference to works – for the ultimate easy, mess-free makeover.

Making a splash  

With 2022 now here, there will be plenty of new opportunities to come. For installers, the recommendation is to upskill on their design knowledge and get creative in order to tap into the New Year makeover market. 

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