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5 easy kitchen revamp hacks

Completely revamping your kitchen can be a long and costly process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it looking fresh, interesting and stylish. Instead of replacing all your fittings and choosing new implements, refreshing your accessories and adding a touch of paint can make all the difference. 

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Chris Taylor, one of our design experts, has put together five easy hacks to help you revamp your kitchen without facing a huge price tag.

“The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh. However, a full renovation is not only costly and disruptive, but also, often unnecessary. By making a few quick and easy changes, you can change the whole feel of your kitchen without getting the builders in".  

Here are his five top tips for revamping your kitchen without breaking the bank.
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1. Taps 

The unsung hero of kitchen design, an eye-catching tap can make all the difference. Although tap replacement might seem like a big undertaking, there are now products available which take just minutes to install, and completely negate the need for any re-tiling work. Look for Bristan EasyFit models for a completely fuss-free way of updating your taps as part of a kitchen revamp.

2. Handles

Whilst it might not be the most obvious place to start, replacing the handles, pulls and knobs in your kitchen can make a big impact. Get rid of tarnished old hardware, and invest in shiny new replacements which will subtly give the whole room a lift. 

3. Statements and Accents

A full re-paint might seem a daunting task for those with larger kitchens and busy lives. However, statement walls are an easy way to revamp your kitchen, as they are increasingly popular and take a fraction of the time to complete. Simply decide which wall to focus on, and get creative! Whether it’s an accent colour, wallpaper, or even a collage, a unique statement wall is a fantastic way to inject a little extra personality into your home.

4. Lighting

Consider how your current lighting affects the overall feel of your kitchen. You may find that your current setup isn’t the most flattering for the colours you’ve chosen, or doesn’t highlight your favourite features. By changing the angling, shade or brightness of your lighting, you can adjust the mood of the room, and focus on the areas that you want to showcase.

5. Splashback

For a DIY kitchen revamp project which will bring your kitchen to life, opt for a bold and colourful tiled splashback. As you’ll likely be working with a relatively small area, you can quickly and easily do the tiling yourself. What’s more, as you won’t require many tiles, you can choose a top quality brand which will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Get more tips for updating your home on our blog.

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