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General Washroom Sector

General Washroom sector | Bristan Commercial

Whether you’re specifying taps and showers for sports changing rooms, front of house hospitality facilities or any other leisure application, the Bristan range offers the perfect mix of performance, style and luxury.

Specifying for Washrooms

En-suite bathroom and public washroom facilities now play such a key role in the guest experience that they have become an integral part of any venue’s brand identity. The Bristan range allows designers to create a bespoke specification which meets the needs of each unique project.

Expectations for the quality of facilities in both public and private leisure venues are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with today’s users demanding even more from design and performance. Bristan’s showering and handwashing range offers a wide choice of products to suit individual or group applications, providing the perfect solution for changing room environments.

TMV3 approved shower, basin and mixing valves ensure safe showering temperatures are maintained.

Arguably, there is no area as crucial to infection control as the washroom, where the risk of bacteria incubation is high, and a certain amount of cleanliness relies upon the actions of visitors to the bathroom.

The infrared tap range from Bristan uses infrared technology to detect human presence and switch on the water flow, delivering the right amount of water when required. In this way, the non-touch mechanism alleviates the risk of germs spreading, making it ideal for use in all premises seeking to optimise hygiene levels – all while eliminating water waste too.

Another solid recommendation is a urinal infra-red automatic flush. Working in a similar way, the infrared technology detects human contact and automatically flushes the individual urinal after use thus alleviating the need for human contact. Plus, the direct flush removes the need for an auto-flush cistern and associated plumbing used in traditional installations, which flush all urinals intermittently.

There is a major added bonus to using both of these technologies. Firstly, efficiency, whereby with traditional setups taps may be left running or drip and cisterns may have an unnecessarily high water demand. Non-touch technology means water is only used as and when needed. This enables buildings to significantly minimise mains water use in order to lower their environmental impact and cut water bills.

Secondly, hot water safety. Washrooms pose two main concerns for public building managers – the potential build-up of dangerous bacteria such as Legionella and scalding. TMV3 approved shower, basin and mixing valves ensure safe showering temperatures are maintained. Adequate hot water safety is an essential consideration when it comes to fitting taps and showers in public washrooms.

By choosing products which reduce the hazard of scalding whilst also addressing the dangers of water-borne bacteria, the wellbeing of users can be easily protected.