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22nd May 2019



To help the UK avoid serious deficits in its future water supply, it is vital that water efficiency is considered within any specification strategy.

An efficient supply of water is fundamental to a healthy environment. However, the effects of climate change and demand from a growing population is putting significant pressure on the availability of water across the globe.
By 2050, the world’s available freshwater resources could potentially decline by half, if the expected population growth of up to 10 billion is met. In the UK, we have less available water per person than most European countries.


Waterwise, the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK, recommends that “the installation of devices such as water-efficient taps and showers will save both water and energy by minimising the use of heated water.” To help mitigate the risk of a decreasing water supply, high water usage environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels will benefit greatly from water conservation devices and appliances. Cistern dams, urinal controllers, flow restrictors, efficient shower heads and self-closing taps are proven, simple measures that offer an economical way to save water. At Bristan, our taps and showers feature flow regulators to better manage water usage, whilst non-touch technology detects human presence to switch on water accordingly for a set amount of time.

Leaking appliances will also significantly impact water wastage levels. By investing in reliable products that are backed up by robust quality testing, concerns around durability can be alleviated. Bristan’s taps and showers are made from high quality materials and endure rigorous testing in our in-house test rig. Careful consideration at the design and development stage means that our products offer excellent performance and long life cycles.

It is important to understand the various water regulations and standards to ensure that products selected are fit for purpose. Our catalogue clearly identifies the fittings or appliances with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Approved product status. This means that that the product meets the requirements of Regulation 4 for being “of appropriate quality and standard”.


We understand that facilities managers require all taps and showers to have strong eco-credentials. At Bristan, we support the European Water Label Scheme which means a number of our products are listed with the Water Label’s Flow Rate Indicator. This indicator allows specifiers to see the flow rate of a product to better guide decisions around appropriate water usage. Specifiers looking for further support can access our team of specialist experts either through our field-based team or online. We can provide access to building tools, technical data, BIM data and guidance around water regulations and standards.

Though saving water is a big challenge, it is the small innovations that can help to make a real difference. Whether specifying for a new building or retrofitting in an existing environment, conserving water is possible through the specification of suitable products.
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