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8th February 2021

Through the challenges of 2020, the housebuilding sector has managed to adapt and evolve. And as we settle into 2021, the industry’s future looks positive, with Housing Today reporting that the housebuilding sector leads growth in construction activity.    

Emerging Housebuilder Trends

Craig Rendall, Specification Sales Director, looks at some of the emerging industry trends and challenges — and how Bristan’s brilliantly simple solutions can help you adapt.
Joy Electric Shower
Sustainable living

With climate change high on the global agenda, there’s been a greater focus on sustainable construction. This has also coincided with the new energy efficiency standards, set out in the Future Homes Standard, that all new-build houses will be expected to meet.

Water efficiency is an important step in meeting the Government’s new green targets, and Bristan has a range of eco-friendly products that can help housebuilders boost sustainability in their build projects.

Brilliantly economical, our range of electric showers feed from cold water mains-feed, rather than hot water cylinders. This means the water is heated on demand through an integral heater in the shower unit, providing an efficient showering solution that complies with the new Future Homes Standard.

In addition, Bristan has a host of water-saving solutions, such as flow regulators, showerheads with multiple modes and timed flow controls — a large selection of which comply with the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.

Infrared Tap Boosting infection control

The coronavirus pandemic brought to light just how important infection control is. While the issue is most prevalent within health and care settings, it’s still something that housebuilders are starting to consider in their design plans.

Infrared taps are a great way to boost infection control within a build, with their ability to offer a completely hands-free, hygienic solution.

Traditional bathroom taps require the user to make physical contact with the tap to start the water flow, increasing the likelihood of the user spreading germs, bacteria or infections. With infrared taps, however, the water flow is activated by the user placing their hand within a 23-26cm range of the tap, eliminating any physical contact and making them ideal for infection control.

Bristan’s range of infrared taps are available in a host of different designs and are available in either battery or mains powered options.

Embracing flexibility Buzz Wallmount 12 shower

With last year’s events causing a shift in workplace practices, it’s been more important than ever to work with agility and flexibility. And a large part of this is choosing products that get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Our unique Wallmount 12 technology makes it brilliantly simple to install, maintain and replace bar showers. The clever fixing device, which won a Housebuilder award in 2018, features two front-facing valves for easy installation, allowing installers to isolate the water supply with a simple turn of the screw with a flat headed screwdriver. No special tools needed.

The isolation valves also allow for an easy connection to the pipework making them ideal for new build installations, where installers may wish to connect water supply at first fix and install the shower at a second fix.

Whatever your brief, choose from a range of designs to suit all styles and budgets.

A shift in regulations

Among the many things that have made the past 12 months particularly challenging is Brexit. Coming into effect at the beginning of the year, Brexit impacted the rules and regulations of all products, meaning that professional specifiers now need to comply with the new UK standard.

Previously, the UK had to comply with the Construction Products Regulation under the EU law, which stated that certain kitchen and bathroom products needed an EU CE marking. Post-Brexit, the UK now has its own safety standard – the UKCA mark. However, it won’t be compulsory to have this new marking immediately; the EU CE mark will remain viable until 1st January 2022.

Our housebuilding customers can rest assured that Bristan has adapted to the new regulatory changes and we’re currently working with our suppliers and the relevant bodies to roll out the new UKCA marking across our specification products.

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