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Scalding is one of the biggest risks to consider when designing bathroom spaces. According to the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, there were 755 reported cases of scalding from taps last year. Unsurprisingly, this risk is even higher in environments with vulnerable populations, such as care homes, where users may not be able to react quickly to scalding water.

Thermostatic mixing valveOur range of thermostatic mixing valves for baths, basins and showers have been designed for ultimate user safety with different features to suit every kind of specification project.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the reasons why thermostatic mixing valves are the ultimate safety solution.

The science behind thermostatic mixing valves

Safe temperatures for bathing and showering are between 37°C and 46°C, but it can be difficult to ensure the right temperature when the water has to be stored at a high temperature.

Thermostatic mixing valves are designed to eliminate this issue. They allow water to be stored and distributed at the required temperatures with the outlet temperature being reduced at point of use, so there is never a risk of scalding.

Trustworthy solutions

We recognise that different projects require different levels of safety performance, so we’ve designed our valves to cater to every need - all complying to BuildCert’s regulations. TMV2 rated valves are perfectly suited to less demanding schemes, such as hotels, schools and refurbs, while TMV3 rated valves are ideal in environments with vulnerable residents, such as care homes and hospitals.

No matter what the level, all our thermostatic valves feature automatic shutdown in the event of a hot or cold water supply failure so there is never a risk of extreme temperature shock.

Balancing the risks

Another consideration is Legionnaire’s Disease, a potentially deadly illness that can lead to pneumonia, caused by breathing in small water droplets in the air that contain bacteria. The prevention method for this disease is to keep the water as hot as possible to kill any bacteria, but this can be problematic when also trying to minimise the risk of scalding.

The key to balancing these risks is to make sure that the pipework connected to the thermostatic mixing valves is no longer than two metres. We’ve also designed our mixing valves to be easy to install so that infection control measures can be easily supported during installation.

No limits on choice

We like to use the term ‘liveable style’. Our products have features for safe and efficient use in everyday living, whilst not scrimping on style. Compatible with a wide range of showers and taps, thermostatic mixing valves can blend seamlessly into your design concept.

We’ve also got products with additional benefits to cater to different needs, such as chrome levers on taps and bath fillers which can assist those who may have limited dexterity. 

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