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Saving space, time and money: why boiling water taps are hot right now.

In households across the UK, boiling water taps are a hot topic. Now, with a variety of instant hot water taps available on the market, the pressure is on for installers to offer trusted advice and recommend reliable products.

Here at Bristan, we know that your customers turn to you for guidance before purchasing a new product. To help you keep your cool we’ve put together three brilliantly simple benefits for why you should consider recommending a boiling water tap.

They’re energy and cost-efficient:

The humble kettle uses about 6% of all electricity supplied to British homes. With energy bills set to increase this spring, now could be the ideal time for your customers to consider switching to a multi-tasking tap that’s potentially kinder on the pocket.

Brew time often means kettles are over filled, wasting energy and money by boiling more water than is needed. With a boiling water tap, heating water from cold takes on average 10-12 minutes. Only a small amount of energy is then needed to maintain the water temperature, meaning that your customers will have hot water ‘on tap’ whenever they need it.

Reclaim much needed counter space:

As social media cleaning accounts rise in popularity, the decluttered kitchen has become a top priority for many house-proud homeowners. However, multiple appliances can often prevent them from achieving their desired look.

The handiness of a boiling water tap removes the need for kettles and trailing wires and adds a contemporary level of functionality that saves valuable counter space.

Take our Rapid 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap for example, which comes in a hard-wearing luminance chrome finish, is sleek and compact with the tank measuring just 31.5cm x 22.5cm x 20cm. This means it fits easily under most kitchen sinks whilst still delivering 2.4 litres of instant boiling water. Coupled with every installation component coming packaged together – this makes life even easier when you arrive on site to install the product.

Rapid 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

As a further bonus, our boiling water tank doesn’t require ventilation. However, we would always recommend when installing that tank that you ensure that there’s air space around it and it is installed up right – never on its side. 

The time saver:

Us Brits love a cuppa and consume around 165 million cups of tea every day. Assuming that it takes up to three minutes to boil a kettle - and at least four times a day or more with visitors - that’s time that could be spent else-where.

Cup of Tea

This is where boiling water taps can really add value your customers’ lives. Not only do they dispense water at the desired temperature, helping to ensure that morning caffeine fix really is instant, our Rapid 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap also dispenses filtered cold water.

Filtered water Tap

For added peace of mind, all our boiling water taps come with a 5-year tap warranty and 2-year tank warranty. With so many simply brilliant benefits, why not try recommending one for your next job?

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