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Solutions for simply brilliant shower installations

Shower installations can present challenges for even the most experienced of plumbers.  Our Head of Product Management at Bristan, Tom Rastall, has a wide range of knowledge to tackle some of the most common challenges with customer-inspired solutions, here’s his advice: 

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 “An easy solution when facing an installation challenge is to consult the On Tap Plumbers Group on Facebook. The supportive community for installers encourages members to share their top tips, best practice, and tricks of the trade. “On top of practical help, the On Tap community are the first to know about the latest Bristan news and product information, in our monthly newsletter. Members also get the opportunity to review brilliant products and enter EXCLUSIVE competitions. Plus, you can even have the chance to become a Bristan influencer with our On Tap Team.”

Craze lifestlyeEasy installation

“Fitting new products into existing pipework can be a hassle without interfering with tiling or sealing work or risking damage to the shower unit. “The Wallmount 12 fixing kit is a quick and simple solution to fitting and replacing bar showers. With built-in isolation, it’s easy to connect to existing pipe work. “Intelligently engineered to enable front of wall isolation, the Wallmount 12 fixing kit also makes maintenance a breeze, allowing for easier off the wall servicing – saving time and money.”

Buzz LifestyleSafety comes first

“For installers and consumers alike, safety is a key priority. Water temperature that exceeds 44° in the shower can significantly increase the risk of scalding – a risk more likely to occur in showers without a thermostatic mixing valve. “Every Bristan bar shower features thermostatic technology, meaning the hot and cold-water supply are mixed to create a safe temperature before it reaches the shower head. 

“For added peace of mind, Bristan’s ‘Safe Touch’ technology is available in a range of our bar showers. Encasing the hot water supply within the cold in the valve and shower body, the technology keeps the exterior of the shower valve cool to the touch, even when the shower water is hot, reducing the risk of scalding for a safe shower experience. This feature is particularly popular with families and older customers. “To help you achieve everyday brilliance with every single product, Bristan offer a wide range of bar showers for every project and style. We’ve recently launched our newly updated models with enhanced functionality and refreshed designs, Buzz and Craze.”

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