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Simple ways to add value to your customer’s renovation project

Our research shows that homeowners prioritise bathroom and kitchen renovations over any other room in their house. We also know that installers have significant influence on the type of products their customers choose. 

To help your customer's home makeover flow smoothly, here’s three simple renovation recommendations that will add value to your service. 

Hardwearing products for high use areas:

A family’s kitchen and bathroom are two of the most frequently used spaces in a home. Recommending hardwearing products for their high use areas will help to ensure their renovation efforts will last.

For example, our range of Easyfit kitchen sinks, including corrosion and rust resistant stainless steel, durable glass and composite quartz with natural antibacterial qualities are perfect for enduring busy family life. Plus, the sink’s patented Easyfit tap base allows for adaptable design and comes with everything required for installation. The flexibility of our Easyfit range means any kitchen can be future proofed, instantly adding value for your customer.

Photography of a Bristan Kitchen Sink; Glacier

In the bathroom, our anti-limescale electric shower models have been developed to tackle the build-up of limescale. Phased shutdown technology ensures once the shower has been switched off, cold water is drawn into cool the heater elements. This process also prevents the next user from getting a blast of hot water. Reducing limescale build-up dramatically increases the life of the shower and this technology is available on a range of our showers, including the Joy and Glee models.


Multifunctional products:

Being ‘busy’ has almost become a status symbol for modern life. From working long hours and squeezing in social time to shuttling family members around – our daily lives are non-stop. When it comes to time spent at home, UK households are saying farewell to humble appliances like the kettle in favour of products that meet multiple needs, quickly. Recommending multifunctional products like a boiling water tap, not only adds value but ticks the innovation box that homeowners want. Our new Rapid 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap offers hot, cold, boiling and cold filtered water with multiple temperature settings making it a great solution for the modern homeowner with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Boiling Water Taps - Making Tea

Design led touches

The rise of the ‘connected home’ means that smart devices, gadgets and convenience products are proving popular with today’s homeowner. From smart home assistants to intuitive thermostats, people are keen to incorporate clever gadgets in to every room of their home. To satisfy the tech savvy customer, many electric showers on the market now include a digital display, allowing the user to choose their ideal temperature or warm up the shower before use.

Our Bliss electric shower has an intuitive touch control power and flow selector, combined with a separate temperature dial. Plus, its universal footprint will cover the space left by your customer’s old shower and offers multiple water and electric inlet points making it easy to install.

Bristan bliss electric shower


Add value to your service and help your customers get renovation ready by recommending products that will keep their kitchen and bathroom projects flowing.

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