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Our customers’ feedback and insights play an integral part in the innovation of our products. Made to be easy to fit and maintain.  

Wallmount 12

Bar Showers Made Brilliant

Installers are always at the forefront of our thinking when designing our products, which is why our core range of bar showers are fitted with the Wallmount 12 fixing kit as standard. Making installing, servicing and upgrading bar showers easy. 

Our award-winning customer-inspired fixing kit features two front-facing isolation valves, allowing you to isolate the water supply with the turn of two screws – rather than switching it off at the mains. This means that the rest of the house can still have water, whilst limiting the risk of damage to the bar shower during the installation process.

The unique design means the bar doesn’t have to be installed until a later date, and its innovative rubber seals ensure there’s no water ingress into the wall cavities. The isolation screws allow for easier servicing of the valve without having to remove it from the wall, as required.

View our #TechTalk video with Senior Design Engineer, Matt Shipp here.

Easyfit 2


Fitting Kitchen Taps is as E
asy as 1,2,3

With our innovative smart Easyfit technology the tap base system is pre-installed to save you time.

Simply slot the Easyfit base into the sink, insert the hot inlet connector and fix to the sink. Attach the flexi tails and isolators to the existing water supply.  Push the tap body on and tighten both grub screws to finish.

View our Easyfit video with Product Manager, Chris Heath here.