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Meet our On Tap Ambassador

My background is that I have worked in the plumbing industry for more than 43 years at this point and absolutely love it. No two days are ever the same, and things change and develop all the time. From leadwork and iron piping to new technology, there is always so much to take in.

Q: What advice would you share with someone just starting their career?
A: My main piece of advice for someone starting out in the industry would be to go with the flow and take every opportunity to keep learning. Otherwise, you could get left behind and, of course, we don’t want that! This career choice is never predictable, but that’s why I enjoy it. 

Another key point would be to learn from your mistakes. When I was an apprentice, I changed a washer in a tap then couldn’t get any water out if it. When I looked underneath, I saw that it wasn’t connected to any pipework. I was 15 or 16 at the time, but I haven’t forgotten it and I’ve certainly never made the same mistake again!

Q: Why is it important to create close relationships with suppliers?

A: Collaborating with different suppliers and brands is beneficial to your day-to-day work and the service you provide. For example, my work with Bristan as an On Tap ambassador means that I constantly have my finger on the pulse; finding out about new innovations and updates that I can pass on to my customers and recommend in response to their specific needs. 

Not only that, through this partnership I can share any feedback directly with Bristan and know that I am driving product development through first-hand experience. 

Also, customer service is a real help. Bristan recently launched a new Visual Remote Assistant that allows us to join a live video call with their call centre when on a job.  It means we can get instant product identification and service advice. This is great for our customers too, as they can also use the service to get immediate assistance – which saves me going back to the job. 

Finally, I enjoy all the insider information I get from being an On Tap ambassador. I have done multiple warehouse tours and get to see behind the scenes of how products are developed. The closer I am with a brand, the better advocate I am for their product, it’s a win-win situation.

Q: What does being part of the On Tap team involve in practice?

A: I have been an On Tap ambassador since 2018 and was actually the very first person to join this group. This team is all about installers supporting installers, and now there is an entire team of us who collaborate to offer advice, discuss best practices, and tell a few cheeky jokes – what do you call a group of plumbers? A flood! 

Being part of a community of installers is great. I love meeting up with colleagues both in my own town and nationwide, we get to share and bounce ideas off one another, and meet at trade events. 

We even share jobs from time to time. If, for whatever reason, one of us is unavailable, we know that the rest of the team, if in the area, will pick up the work instead. This really helps my reputation as an installer because I never have to turn down a job, and customers get someone experienced to look at the problem, no matter what. 

If you are an independent installer and want to work more closely with brands, I would recommend reaching out directly.  Bristan is currently looking to grow the On Tap community, so be sure to join our Facebook group to keep up to date with all things Bristan. 
As long as you are passionate about your job and care about recommending quality products, you’ll do very well, that’s for sure.