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Friend of the Installer

At Bristan we treasure independent installers for championing our products, giving us valuable on the ground insight, and directly getting involved in product development. With our On Tap group, we have created a strong installer community which allows our members to get the very latest news and product information. As well as enter fun competitions and great giveaways, members will get the opportunity to review brilliant products and receive exclusive merchant offers. 

Here, we have invited professional installer of 43 years and On Tap ambassador, Andy Steer, to share his experience of working in the industry and being a longstanding On Tap member. 

What is the On Tap Team? I have been an On Tap ambassador since 2018 and was actually the very first person to join the scheme. Now there is an entire team of us who collaborate to offer advice, discuss best practices, and tell a few cheeky jokes - what do you call a group of plumbers? A flood! 

Working in the Industry
I love working in the industry and have done so for 43 years. Things change all the time, from doing leadwork and iron piping, to the new product developments that seem to be coming out every day. My daily work is never the same. 

My advice to someone new within the industry would be to adapt with it, go with the flow, embrace change and keep learning, otherwise you could get left behind. Things won’t be predictable but that’s why I love it. 

Creating Relationships Working so closely with Bristan has been really beneficial as I constantly have my finger on the pulse of the newest innovations and updates. It feels like a partnership because I can share my feedback directly and know that I’m helping to drive product development with first-hand experience. 

I also appreciate being part of a community of installers. I love meeting up with colleagues both in my own town and nationwide, we get to share and bounce ideas off one another and meet at trade events. 

We even share jobs from time to time. If, for whatever reason, one of us is unavailable we know that the rest of the team, if in the area, will be able to pick up the job instead. This really helps my reputation as an installer because I never have to turn down a job and customers get someone experienced to look at the problem no matter what. 
Finally, I enjoy all the insider information I get from partnering with Bristan. I have done multiple warehouse tours and get to see behind the scenes of how products are developed. 

Last but not least If you are an independent installer, I highly recommend joining our On Tap group and don’t forget to bring your best plumbing jokes with you!

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