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Why digital showers have become so popular

You only have to look around the average home to realise the future revolves around technology that makes everyday tasks even easier – and showers are the latest to join the digital revolution.

The new generation of digital showers are saying goodbye to fussy temperature controls that leave us either practically shivering or uncomfortably hot, and saying hello to a more precise showering experience.

Want to know more? We’re here to tell you why exactly the world is soaking up the new digital shower experience.

A customisable experience

Digital showers offer users complete control over their shower with personalised settings that let you choose your ideal temperature and flow settings. The unique memory settings remember your water preferences, so that every shower hits the sweet spot. Often, these gadgets have a handy ‘warm-up’ mode that shows when your shower is ready, so it’s already at the perfect temperature the moment you step in.

Top functionality

People often think digital showers are just a new version of electric showers, but they actually function much in the same way as a traditional mixer shower. The main difference is that the temperature and flow are controlled by digital technology, which means you get a consistent shower at your perfect temperature. The lack of temperature spikes also makes safety a top feature of these digital showers.

Designed to impress

Digital showers aren’t just smart in functionality – they’re smart in style too. On top of a personalised and satisfying showering experience, the digital showers look great in any contemporary bathroom. Unlike traditional showers, the valve and processor that controls the water is installed away from the shower enclosure, leaving a subtle yet sleek design. Most digital showers have an LED screen too, adding a high-spec feel to your bathroom.


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