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How to use the new Bristan Wave Digital Shower unit

Digital showers are a unique contribution to any bathroom, providing users with a precise and controllable showering experience. Digital showers are designed with innovative technology, with a built-in thermostat that remotely controls the water temperature and flow, whilst intelligent memory, pause and pre-set settings offer you the perfect shower every time.

As a brand-new innovation within our shower range – we thought it’d be useful to pull together a short “How To” guide for using our new Wave Digital Shower unit for those who’ve never owned a digital shower before.

To adjust the flow and temperature:

To adjust the temperature and flow rates of your new Wave Digital Shower, you need to ensure the product is on and in use and simply tap the buttons either side of the water droplets button (left/right for temperature, up/down for flow rate). The digital screen will display the required temperature and flow rate as it’s being altered.

Wave Digital Showers
To pre-heat and set-up memory settings:

To pre-heat the shower and set up memory settings, you need to ensure the Wave Digital shower is on standby mode and continually hold the Start button, allowing the water to run water through. While the shower is on, simply select the desired flow using the plus, minus and droplet icons. To save, press and hold the On/Off button until the control keys light up.

For the WAVEPlus, the process is much the same, but the addition of the multiple user preferences means there are extra few steps. At the bottom of the outlet, there are three buttons – each signifying the three possible users. You need to ensure the Wave Digital Shower is in standby mode and that only the central red ring is illuminated. Press the chosen user memory button depending on the digital shower you own, bottom left being user 1 (U1). Whilst ‘U1’ is displayed, hold your finger on the central on/off button for a second or two, until the display begins a 5 second countdown. The shower will run through all available outlets until it is preheated to the required (U1’s memory settings) temperature. The shower will automatically turn off, showing the temperature on the display. You can then step in the shower and press central on/off button to start the flow at the requested preheated temperature.

Clean your shower monthly:

One of the most important things to do to ensure your shower remains in brilliant condition, is to clean it monthly. To do this, ensure the shower is in standby mode; press and hold the middle of the 3 user buttons - until a 5 second countdown begins. The shower will then run through the cycle automatically, running water through the outlets. Your shower will stop automatically once the cycle has finished.


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