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How to Contribute to Water Saving


3 October 2018

According to the Environment Agency, the UK is facing water supply shortages by 2050 unless decisive action is taken now to reduce water use and wastage. And, as a responsible manufacturer, we believe it is our duty to provide technologies which aid conservation.

At Bristan, we are committed to developing products which reduce water waste. Most recently, for example, we upgraded our existing range of basin mixer taps to include Neoperl 5ltr/min aerators, reducing waste whilst enhancing the look and feel of the water flow.

The aerator is a small attachment that fits onto the outlet of the tap. These water saving devices will control the amount of water that flows through the tap without affecting the water pressure as they mix the water with air, making it feel like you are getting a richer, fuller flow.

However, water saving products can feel unfamiliar on first use, or may feel less effective than traditional high water-use counterparts.

One prime example of this is the flushing mechanism of modern toilets. An old toilet cistern, with traditional handle, will generally use around 13 litres per flush – which in the majority of cases, is unnecessary. More modern water-saving options, such as infrared toilet cisterns, use just six litres, whilst dual button flushing toilets can use as little as four litres on a singular flush.

Further frustration can be caused when users try and push both buttons on a dual flushing toilet, only to find that a maximum of 6 litres is delivered, still less than half of that delivered by single lever cisterns.

Whilst this water saving may feel like a malfunction of some kind, these lower water-use flushes are just as effective as their traditional predecessors, but with a reduced impact on the environment.
Although new technologies may take some time to adjust to, our customers can rely on Bristan products to deliver a quality experience in the most sustainable manner possible.

A photo of a Bristan Blitz Basin Mixer.

An photo of a Bristan Hourglass Basin Mixer.

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