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3 Ways Boiling Water Taps Are Designed With Safety In Mind

Safety is paramount for every customer. According to research conducted by the NHS, and as reported by CIPHE, burns and scalds are on the rise with more than 750 people treated in hospital for scalding burns from taps in 2017-2018 – up on the previous year. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents also warns that children under five are particularly at risk because their skin is much more sensitive than an adult's.

To help to reduce the risk these accidents pose, Bristan has introduced a range of boiling water taps that are designed with safety in mind. Earlier this year, Bristan introduced the newest member of boiling water taps to their collection of high-quality taps with the Rapid 4 in 1 as Bristan received feedback from both plumbers and homeowners asking for more features – they’re proud to say that they now offer a choice of two instantaneous hot water products with the same high standards of safety, convenience and reliability across the whole range.

Rapid Boiling Water Tap

Here’s 3 ways the Boiling Water Taps are designed with safety in mind:

1. The Rapid 4 in 1 is designed with clever features, including a safety touch-sensor control button that must be pressed to dispense boiling water – helping to make your customers’ kitchens much safer. This innovative technology means that boiling water cannot automatically be dispensed. Safety for all the family.

2. The Rapid 4 in 1 is also designed with safety in mind because it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. The tap will replace any existing tap hole and the accompanying tank is compact enough to fit underneath most kitchen worktops, removing the need to make any alterations to the existing pipework.

3. The Rapid 4 in 1 is CE compliant, meaning it conforms with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. It has also undergone extensive testing and user trials, so installers can rest assured they are fitting a reliable, high-quality product. It also comes with a 3 bar Pressure Reduction Valve to prevent potential damage caused by fluctuations in water pressure.

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