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June 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about many aspects of day-to-day life, but right at the top of that list is our approach to hygiene and handwashing.

Ultimate Guide to Touchless Taps

For more than 40 years, Bristan has been supplying infection control products to high footfall public spaces such as hospitals, care homes, schools, workplaces and leisure centres. Now COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of hygiene in homes too, with consumers turning on to the benefits of touchless taps. 

If you’re interested in choosing a non-touch tap for yourself or a customer, keep reading for our complete guide to the latest washroom must-have.

Why do we need non-touch taps?

Did you know coronavirus can live on plastic and stainless steel for up to three days and be transmitted by people touching infected surfaces?

While frequent handwashing is a great way to limit the spread of infection, people often indirectly come into contact with viruses and bacteria when using traditional taps. Think about it like this: You wash all the germs off your hand with water and soap, then you use your clean hands to turn off the tap which has already been contaminated with dirty hands – including yours!

Non-touch taps can be operated completely hands-free which means they eliminate the need for any physical contact with the tap. This is especially important at the moment, with COVID-19 being spread through respiratory droplets that are often found on everyday surfaces we touch.

How do non-touch taps work?

We use intelligent infrared sensing technology to activate the water flow, so that no contact is made when it’s being operated. The tap sends out an infrared LED beam (invisible to the human eye); then once something interrupts this beam – like a hand – it is bounced back to the receiver in the tap which switches on either a solenoid or thermostatic valve, allowing the water to flow. Once the hand moves away, the valve automatically switches off to save water.

Why choose Bristan for your non-touch taps?

Bristan’s complete range of non-touch taps has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare managers, so you can rest assured that safety and hygiene is guaranteed.

For complete quality control, our UKAS 17025 approved labs test each one at every stage of the production process in a rigorous programme that means our failure rates are among the lowest in the industry.

What non-touch taps does Bristan have?

We understand that functionality comes first, but style follows shortly after. That’s why Bristan’s infrared taps come into three distinct designs to perfectly complement your washroom or bathroom. Choose from the soft lines of the Infrared Swan Neck Basin Tap or the modern, angular Infrared Basin Spout.

To create a fully integrated, hygienic washroom, our Automatic Soap Dispenser is now available to purchase with the same innovative infrared technology as our taps.

All of our infrared taps are BREEAM compliant and available with either battery or mains powered options.

Get in touch with one of our Specification Managers today for advice on choosing water controls for your next project.