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4th April 2019

For many, the bathroom is the most luxurious area of the home – so when consumers come to buy, it’s often the first place they look. However, the shower chosen must also meet the criteria of the housebuilder in terms of ease of fit and maximising space, and this is where the contractor is best placed to advise.


In recent decades the bathroom has adapted to fit the demands of the modern user. Although the bathtub is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing soak, the shower has seen an increase in popularity due to its convenience and ability to fit into the time pressures of the busy modern lifestyle.

This popularity is largely due to the convenience that the shower offers, saving time for the user, as well as a growing awareness of our environmental impact. Thus, consumers now view the bathroom and shower as key considerations when looking for a new home.

With this in mind, it’s important for contractors to be aware of the shower options available that satisfy both housebuilders’ and homeowners’ needs, allowing for a fast and efficient installation that maximises the space available, yet offers that luxurious touch.

Dual Control

An example of combining stylish fittings with fuss-free installation is the latest generation of dual control concealed shower valves, which make easy work of creating the minimal, modern showering look which has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity.

A firm favourite with consumers, the flexibility of their design means they can be teamed with fixed heads, handsets and body jets – with concealed versions being the preferred option.

Traditionally, however, they can be challenging to install as it can be difficult to judge how much space is available behind a cavity wall, which has led to many builders recommending exposed dual control shower valves to housebuilders instead.

To alleviate this issue, Bristan’s market-leading dual control concealed shower valves can be fitted into a cavity as small as 35mm, and there is 17-30mm of inbuilt adjustability to provide further flexibility. Therefore, any Bristan dual control concealed shower valve can be purchased with the knowledge that it will fit within the cavity walls of any UK property.

In today’s climate, the shower has taken centre-stage in the bathroom and become one of the homeowner’s biggest considerations. It is therefore important for contractors to stay up-to-date on the latest products that can answer consumer demands whilst saving money for the housebuilder by providing a quick and easy installation process.

Hourglass Shower Pack

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