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#BRISTANBULLETIN: Project specification made simple

26 October 2018

Great news for architects this month, as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan pledges £10 million to local councils to bolster their housing and planning teams. Called the ‘Homebuilding Capacity Fund’, it hopes to build a new generation of council houses and recruit architects towards this goal.
This fund coincides with ‘Building Council Homes for Londoners initiative’ that offers £1 billion for new council housing. This, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s removal of the borrowing cap for local councils should see a boost in housing development across the country, resulting in greater opportunities for architects nationwide.

At Bristan, we’ve been exploring how we can help save architects time, with efficient and effective products and services, including our Spec Builder.

Time is a precious commodity for busy specifiers and architects, so any tool that makes it easier to produce project specifications for commercial applications is greatly welcomed. That’s where Bristan’s Spec Builder comes in.

The Spec Builder application allows any user to produce bespoke specifications with Bristan products via the website. The application is easy to navigate and users can create and save their individual specifications by project, so that they can be re-visited and amended if necessary.

The process from start to finish is hassle-free and specifiers can re-load individual specifications to use as reference, or they can be downloaded from the application for pricing.

1. Getting Started

So, how do you get started with Spec Builder? The first step is to click onto the Bristan website and then click “LOGIN” in the top right-hand corner.

If you haven’t yet registered, click on “NOT REGISTERED, CREATE AN ACCOUNT” and add in your relevant details.

“CHOOSE YOUR ACCOUNT TYPE” features a drop down list of different customer categories. Click “specifier” and then a profession list will pop up.

If you have previously registered for an account please click on “ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT” using your email address and the password used.
A screenshot of Bristan Bulletin
A Screenshot of spec builder instructions 2

2. Creating A Project

You should now be logged in and ready to start building projects!
Click on 

Depending on the project there will be various rooms that need Bristan products added to.
For example, if you are building a new homes development the rooms could be 

Now you are ready to add the relevant products to your project.

3. Choose Your Projects

Just simply click on “DOMESTIC PRODUCTS” or “COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS” depending on what is required.

Next, click on the product category you require. You can filter the product search further, if you are searching for basin mixers or bath traditional or contemporary, for example.

To find out more information on a particular product, hover over the image and click on “VIEW ITEM”.

Scrolling down this page will show all the information for that product including data sheet, fitting instructions, drawings, guarantee and water label.

There is also a function to share, find a retailer and chat online to the Bristan team.

In the “finish the look” section you can see other products in this range (i.e bath fillers and bath shower mixers). Once you have looked at the relevant information click on “ADD TO YOUR PROJECT”.

A drop-down list will appear showing all your projects and the rooms you have added in each project. Just simply click on the relevant room you would like this product to be added to by clicking “ADD TO PROJECT ROOM” and also select quantity required in that room.
Spec Builder screenshot
A Spec Builder stage 4

4. Review Your Projects

To get back to your projects page simply hover on the person silhouette in the top right hand corner and click on “YOUR PROJECTS”.

If you scroll down the page you will now see at the bottom the product(s) you have added to the project below, there is an option to “DOWNLOAD DATA SHEETS” if required.

Simply click on “DOMESTIC PRODUCTS” or “COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS” and repeat the same process to add chosen products to rooms within projects.

Once you are happy with your project, click on “DOWNLOAD PROJECT SHEET” and this will open-up as an online PDF document.

A new and improved version of the Spec Builder tool is now available which saves precious time looking for technical product data. It is also now possible to download, save and share projects directly with the project builder.

Happy spec building!

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