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Tell us a bit about your business and how long have you been in the industry? 
I’ve been in the industry for 15 years. Since I left school, really, so from the age of 16. I worked for my dad at first and now run LWL Heating & Plumbing with him, my brother, my wife and my mum. There’s one other guy in the business, but he’s not family, he’s the black sheep!

How did you get started and why? 
It’s a family business, and I was doing it at a young age with my dad in the school holidays. I loved using the tools and plumbing. What I love now is that every day is different. I mainly do maintenance and repair work, but I can meet 30-35 new people daily.

What top three products do you always have in the van and why? 
Tap and bath shower mixers – one set of each, so I don’t need to go back out on a job
Tap cartridge kits
Washer kits

What type of customer’s keep you busiest? 
We’ve got one big landlord who provides us with lots of work that keeps us busy. Also a private school.

What’s your favourite job and why? 
Bar shower mixer change – it’s quick and easy. And something I keep in the van.
Most embarrassing/funniest moment professionally? 
I once walked in on a gentleman sitting on the toilet. To be honest, it was probably more embarrassing for him than for me. Also, I once went into a job with keys the tenant turned up thought I was a burglar and called to police. Like I said, every day is different!

What tips would you give to anyone just starting in the industry? 
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And learn from them. Also, ask as many questions as your can with your mentor. There’s never such a thing as a silly question, and you’ll appreciate asking when you’re out on your own.

Most unusual job/request? 
I’ve often got asked to pick up customers shopping when I’m out on the job, or change lightbulbs. In terms of actual job requests, dog baths were quite unusual, especially as an ensuite in the house, but that’s getting more common these days!

What trends do you see dominating the industry in the near future? 
Black finishes. Black taps and black showers, everything is black at the moment.

What would make your job easier? 
Customers changing their minds, but you’re always going to have that.

On average how many taps do you fit in a week?  
5-6 sets.

On average how many showers do you fit in a month? 
Most Brilliant job? 
The best job was probably something for my dad. He had to have a knee replacement and couldn't work, so we did him a wet room at home. It was lovely seeing first-hand the impact it had on him. Often in our business, you’ll do a job and never hear about it again (unless there’s a problem!), so with this it was nice to see the good it did.

How do easyfit products, well, make your life easier? 
They definitely do – especially around saving time. If every tap was the same, it would make life so much easier, plus physically getting to some of the old tap fittings you can feel like a contortionist!

What’s your favourite in the Bristan range and why? 
Easyfit echo are brilliant, but I love the sonique showers – I’ve not found a set up I haven’t been able to fit one with one yet, even with exposed or concealed centres.

Why Bristan over brands? 
To be fair, always had a result with them. If I’d any issues they are quick with good customer service and after-sales, so any problems, it gets sorted quickly and without fuss. I just send an email and it's done. Bristan gives you great assurance.