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Why thermostatic showers are great for families

Looking for a family friendly shower that is safe for children, whilst offering great performance? Thermostatic showers are often the answer.

From minimising the risk of scalding to consistency in performance, here’s why thermostatic showers are a great option for family homes:


Thermostatic showers are designed with safety in mind. Unlike most regular showers, thermostatic showers have a built-in thermostatic mixing valve to mix both hot and cold water to provide a consistent, pre-determined temperature. This is designed to prevent scalding, or thermic shock from sudden temperature changes when another tap, or shower, is turned on.

If the cold-water supply fails, thermostatic showers are also designed to protect you by instantly shutting down the shower to avoid any scalding or injuries.


Showers with thermostatic mixing valves are becoming increasingly popular, and we have a wide range to offer, there’s a design for everybody.

Our Bar Showers allow for easy instalments and retrofits, as well as having family friendly features.

A great example of this is the PRISM shower (PM SHXMMCTFF C), which features a thermostatic exposed cool touch bar which ensures it stays cool to the touch. The PRISM also features the innovative Wallmount 12, which includes front-facing isolation valves, so installers don’t need to turn the water supply off at the mains making for quick and easy replacements of bar showers in the future.
Capri mini valve
These three thermostatic showers are great options for families looking for different styles:

1901 Thermostatic Exposed Dual Control Shower Valve with Diverter and Rigid Riser Kit (N2 CSHXDIV C)

The 1901 Bristan shower is Edwardian inspired to give your décor that timeless quality, and it’s installed with a pre-set temperature stop at 42°C and factory fitted flow regulators means this thermostatic shower also saves water.

ARTISAN Thermostatic Exposed Bar Shower with Fast Fit Connections (AR2 SHXVOFF C)

The Bristan Artisan bar shower offers a sleek and contemporary design with the added reassurance of thermostatic technology for family safety. Installed with a pre-set temperature stop at 38°C, but this can be changed for showers up to a maximum of 46°C.
CAPRI Thermostatic Exposed Single Control Mini Valve with Adjustable Riser Kit and Single Function Handset (CAP2 SHXAR C shown on the right)

The Capri mini valve thermostatic shower is stylish and is great for families as its adjustable elbows means there’s no need to retile. Installed with a pre-set temperature stop at 42°C, the Capri thermostatic shower has a higher level of performance and protection with a TMV2 thermostatic control.

Are you looking for a family friendly thermostatic shower? Find out more here.


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