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Bristan Group is committed to it's responsibilities under the Directive to recycling and the reduction of landfill in the UK. Bristan Group is proud to be a Zero to landfill Company.

Did you know that in the UK, households throw away over 26.8 million tonnes of waste.
That is the same weight as 3.83 million male African Elephants!

(source: https://www.recycle-more.co.uk)

It is also claimed that the UK landfill sites will be full by 2022 and the affects could be significant for the environment!

Here is an overview of the impacts but click here to read more.

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Air Pollution

Decomposing material releases methane gas - a potent greenhouse gas. 

Biodiversity Impacts

According to the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests, the development of a landfill site means the loss of approximately 30 to 300 species per hectare.

Groundwater Pollution

As rain falls on landfill sites, organic and inorganic elements dissolve, forming highly toxic chemicals which could leak into groundwater resulting in serious local water contamination local.

Visual and Health Impacts

The increase in vermin surrounding landfills could mean disease becomes an issue together with other adverse health effects.

Soil Fertility Effects

The mixture of toxic substances and decaying organic material can impact the soil quality of the areas surrounding a landfill site - this can affect local vegetation and the food source for species.

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So how can you help?...

There will be a time when you decide to update your bathroom or kitchen and feel your current tap or shower has reached the end of its life in your home. But what do you do with these old products?

We request that you don’t place these items in your household waste bins and instead, choose one of the below options:

1) Visit the website of retailer you purchased your new product from to find out if they offer a recycling procedure

2) Take your products to a local recycling centre and follow the instructions provided on site

3) If your product is still in good working order then you might like to consider using Freecycle it's a great way to reuse products and keep it out of landfill

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Here are some useful links for you to find out more: