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Artisan shower thermostatic cartridge maintenance and replacement

The following video is a simple step by step guide to servicing the cartridge used in the Bristan Artisan range. The steps will show you how to replace the cartridge.

The parts that will be needed can be identified from their part numbers below and ordered from our spares store:

2006-2008 models: CART 06734B (also used in our Aqueous, Prism Bar and Quadrant ranges).

2009-2010 models: 00622415 (also used in our Chill, Prism, Prism vertical and Qube ranges).

We advise that the valve is regularly serviced, particularly in hard water areas. This is recommended at intervals of 6 months to 12 months.

It is also important to clean the handset regularly in hard water areas to maintain an even spray/flow of water.