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28th March 2019

In light of Stress Awareness Month this April, it’s important to note that the bathroom has evolved to become the new go-to place to achieve sanctuary from today’s increasingly busy modern world.
Nowadays, we view the bathroom as a retreat, being one of the only places we can enjoy some much needed ‘me-time’ and be alone; with no demands from the outside world.

With digital technology now part of almost all aspects of everyday life, the reality is that we are never really ‘switched off’. Whether it’s in the office, the park or relaxing on the sofa – for most people, their smart phone is always within arm’s reach. For this reason, it’s clear to see that homeowners have begun to seek tranquillity in the bathroom; being one of the only times they can truly indulge in some me-time.

The consensus is that the changing dynamic of the bathroom will see it elevated to an even greater home improvement focus, as more consumers seek to create a haven-like sanctuary. With this in mind, Bristan continues to hone its market-leading tap and shower portfolio to provide the subtle design distinctions to aid architects in helping their customers’ end users to create a bathroom which is as tranquil as possible, in order to facilitate maximum relaxation.

Now, more than ever, people are looking to improve their bathrooms – both in quality and atmosphere. We believe that time spent in the bathroom should be enhanced as much as possible – and it’s the little touches that can make all the difference. Simple details such as the style of the taps and the design of the shower can be the defining traits which transform a bathroom into a blissful spa-like sanctuary.

Our Bright range perfectly demonstrates how to bring the aesthetic of a luxury spa into the bathroom. Based on the shape of a softened triangle, the Bright tap incorporates a gentle triangular contour throughout; resulting in a softly modern design which radiates relaxation. We expect to see increasing consumer demand for products which reflect this bathroom retreat trend, so it’s important for architects to take note.

Bristan Bright Shower Pack