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31st January 2019

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare environments, safety and infection control policies are necessarily a significant influence on product specification for facilities in this sector.
When it comes to water delivery, these considerations are heightened further, as balancing the twin hazards of scalding and the breeding of dangerous bacteria is crucial for safeguarding patients and staff alike.

At Bristan, our portfolio of dedicated healthcare products are designed to make specification as simple as possible for architects, whilst also providing ease of installation and maintenance.

One example of this is our work with Royal Hants Hospital, Southampton, which recently appointed Bristan as its supplier for all future tap installations.
In 2018, the Royal Hants Hospital’s estates team was reviewing its fixtures specification when they were approached about a new tap which would improve infection control, safety and the durability of its installations. Bristan has a number of taps which are ideal for hospitals (NHS D08 approved) including the H64 single control wall mounted basin mixer. This tap is also available in a deck mounted variation. The addition of thermostatic mixing valves in these taps reduces the risk of scalding, as does the safe touch surfaces feature, plus they are all lever operated for ease of use.

Bristan’s designated healthcare taps feature smooth internal waterways and spouts with angled, machined internals that don’t retain water to ensure there are no areas in the tap where water can stagnate, as this can potentially be a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. The spouts can be removed for descaling when required, which further helps with infection control as well as the efficiency and longevity of the tap.
H64 Basin Mixer
Roger Berry, Technical Services Supervisor (M&E) at the Hospital said: “We just loved the products. They were price competitive, which is really important when you are working to very tight budgets, they are lever operated to help our staff reduce the risk of infection transfer and they have eccentric tails so will fit in all positions. The one thing that really stood out to us though was how easy the taps were to clean and service, and this is essential for infection control.

“The taps can be serviced in half the time it would take us to do our existing fixtures, which helps us to streamline our operations. The taps are also robustly designed with anti-vandal features, so we know that they are built to last and will ultimately save us time on maintenance too. I have recommended Bristan and its taps to other local Trusts in the area and I’m happy to put myself out to do this as I know these are great products that are exactly what we need in the NHS.”
Healthcare Professionals

Specifying for the healthcare environment can be a difficult task. However, with more and more products coming on to the market which effectively safeguard residents without putting pressure on building operators, the process can be simplified.

The solution Bristan provided for Royal Hants Hospital has safety and infection control as its primary focus, with the added bonus of easing the workload and schedules of architects, resulting in a smooth process from installation through to maintenance.