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Tapping into 2021 trends

The events of 2020 have illuminated just how important infection control is in healthcare settings — not just in practice, but in design too. And that’s why a key element of creating a safe, hygienic environment is choosing products that make infection control more effective.

At Bristan, we have over 40 years of supplying products to healthcare environments, and we realise — now more than ever — how vital it is to have products you can rely on. Take a look at our brilliantly simple solutions to infection control:

Infrared sensor tapThe power of infrared

With their ability to offer a completely hands-free, hygienic solution, many specifying professionals are turning on to the benefits of infrared taps.

Traditional washroom or bathroom taps are operated by a cross head, lever or push button mechanism — all of which require the user to make physical contact with the tap to start of the water flow. This increases the likelihood of the user coming indirectly into contact with germs, bacteria or infections.

With infrared taps, however, the water flow is activated by the user placing their hand within a 23-26cm range of the tap. The temperature can also be set either by the operator or the user, so there’s no need to make physical contact with the tap at any point in the handwashing process.

Bristan’s range of infrared taps comes in a host of different designs and are available in either battery or mains powered options, making them the ideal option for healthcare environments.

Hygienic mixer taps

Need a safe, hygienic mixer tap for your next project? Look no further than the Bristan SOLO Thermostatic Mono Basin Mixer. Designed specifically to meet the acute demands of the medical environment, our SOLO tap has long been favoured as the go-to product of choice by commercial providers seeking to optimise infection control.

Recent revisions have taken innovation to the next level, too. The SOLO tap now features a removable spout and an in-box choice of either fully draining (open outlet) or laminar flow straighteners (for non-draining spout) to offer professionals greater flexibility. The removable spout also aids infection control regimes, while the smooth machined internal waterways help limit the build-up of bacteria within the tap body.

In addition to a short lever option, the SOLO tap is available with a long lever that can be easily operated by an elbow for increased infection control. For guaranteed peace of mind, it’s TMV3 approved and fully compliant with HTM04-01 (DO8) regulations.

If you’d like to speak to one of our Specification Managers about infection control products for your next project, get in touch with us.