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2nd May 2019

In a report published yesterday, the National House Building Council has revealed a bright start to the year for housebuilder registrations. With more than 37,000 new homes registered to be built so far in 2019, the business of building houses is certainly blooming this spring.


Products that are easy to fit and easy to use

Quick and easy to fit, installers using Bristan products can achieve more, in less time, increasing productivity on site. Time is money in the housebuilding business and that’s why our customer service team is always on hand to provide advice and guidance. Plus, our next day delivery ensures you can plan ‘just-in-time’ supply to ensure minimum downtime.

In social housing especially, it is paramount that the installed products and appliances meet the needs of a variety of tenants. We take great care in ensuring that our products are easy to use by all ages and abilities. For example, our Joycare Electric shower features a long dial and has automatic shutdown to prevent scalding or cold-water shock. For the less mobile, thermostatic controls on our taps and showers provide piece of mind and protection if someone is not able to react quickly.

Products that stand out from the crowd

Always looking to stay ahead of the curve, we know that housebuilders are keen to invest in products that are not only innovative in installation but make people’s lives easier and more efficient. With the changing landscape of regulation and legislation, we make it a priority to continue investment in product development. That’s how we ensure that our portfolio is continually updated – offering more choice and unique products. 

Our Easyfit, Cool Touch and integral flushing mechanisms have been developed to reflect the needs of the modern tenant or home owner. For us it’s about creating products that help to keep life flowing and for housing developers, providing them with products that will make homes more appealing.
Installing multifunctional products like a boiling water tap, not only adds value but ticks the innovation box that homeowners want. Our new Rapid 4 in 1 Boiling Water tap offers hot, cold, boiling and filtered cold water with multiple temperature settings making it a great solution for the modern homeowner with a fast-paced lifestyle.

As the housebuilding market is set for a busy year, Bristan’s reliable products and services will help you to lay the foundations for a successful development. Visit our website to find out more our long lasting, adaptable and innovative range of products.

Joycare Electric Shower

Rapid Boiling water tap
But as activity and the weather heats up, how can homebuilders ensure that their developments meet the needs of prospective tenants?

Housebuilders need the assurance that the products they choose to install will be robust, avoiding costly repair bills or reputational damage. That’s why Bristan taps, showers and sinks have no nonsense guarantees. Made from high-quality materials and rigorously tested, Bristan products have long life cycles and are designed to last.